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When you work with our team of experts, you’ll uncover tools and solutions to empower your clients and maximize their tax savings. From asset giving to business sales, our mission is to enhance your practice with the tools you need to navigate even the most complex processes.

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Most high net-worth families are already investing in charitable giving, and they’re relying on your expertise to facilitate their journey. With our tools and resources, discover how to start the conversation with clients, grow your relationships, and learn more about the values and causes they support.

You can be the expert on new and innovative ways to spark world-changing generosity. Contact us to get started.

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At The Signatry, we’re committed to keeping things honest and simple so you can work efficiently and fully equipped, and this is why you’ll always have access to all the information you need—from investment pools to our fund fee schedules.

Greater disclosure. Maximum Kingdom impact.

It is rare to see fees made easily accessible, but we’re here to change that. If you’re going to ensure your clients’ hard-earned dollars are used most effectively, you need to be involved from the very first dollar.

Most industry leading platforms require an average balance in the hundreds of thousands of dollars before an advisor can separately manage. With the Signatry, you can start managing your client’s account from dollar one. And that’s just the start of our commitment to transparency.

“Bill High has been a visionary for stewardship and giving for many years. He has always asked the hard questions and challenged each one of us to think beyond ourselves and the status quo. God has called us to align with His heart for extravagant generosity and I’m excited for the launch of the Signatry to provide an avenue to live out this alignment. Let us all continue to ask if there is more that can be done for His Kingdom, and when we find opportunities, be willing to step out boldly.”
Eric Dunavant, CFP
President, E Six-Thirteen

The Signatry BlogConversations from our thought leader


Friends Don’t Let Friends Sell Businesses!

3 years ago By Bill High

I speak often on the subject of giving and taxes.  Probably more than 2 years ago, I spoke to some ministry leaders and I told them, “Friends don’t let friends sell businesses.” Roger, one of those ministry leaders, heard me.  One of his good friends was preparing to sell a business.  And all he knew was that his friend shouldn’t sell unless he talked to us.  Roger got his friend to talk to us, and as a result, his friend the business owner is paying less tax at the time of the sale while at the same time increasing his…

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How Tax Reform Could Impact Charitable Giving

12 months ago By Bill High

As Congress works to implement tax reform, much of the focus has been on business and personal income tax relief and on simplifying the code.  But in the flurry of activity between proposals and counter proposals, there’s been little coverage related to the charitable deduction.  I received an email the other day from a colleague who has been active on Capitol Hill, offering some analysis: Some of the proposals have argued for raising the standard deduction to $12,000. Currently 33% of tax filers itemize. This group essentially doesn’t pay taxes on what they give. If the standard deduction is doubled,…

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What’s the word in the next charitable giving wave?

8 months ago By Bill High

Deeper. In my previous blogs, I’ve mentioned how donor advised funds brought democratization to philanthropy.  Put differently, donor advised funds have become like the latest fad product buy. While certainly, there’s still an opportunity for donor advised funds to grow in number, they are enough people who have “bought” them that they are asking the question:  “what next?” What next for donor advised funds? Many don’t want to use their donor advised funds simply as a dispensary.  They want to start conversations with their family about giving, why giving, why they give as a family, what their vision and mission…

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