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Fees at The Signatry

Revolutionary generosity requires radical transparency

At The Signatry, you’re part of a community that is seeking to practice revolutionary biblical generosity. Our core values of transparency and integrity demand a commitment to being radically transparent about how charitable dollars are stewarded, including talking about fees and expenses: what they are and when they may come into play.

Our Stewardship Commitment to You

  • Transparency

    We will be upfront and honest about any fees associated with funds at The Signatry.

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  • Kingdom First

    From investment options to grant recommendations, we take extra steps to ensure charitable dollars are aligned with values that reflect the Kingdom of God.

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    If you have questions, we are just a phone call or email away. We invite conversation, and we are committed to improving.

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Fees and Expenses

Administrative Fees


0% admin fee


Administrative fees, based on the fund balance (also referred to as “assets under management”), are a common fee charged by most donor advised fund sponsors. These fees are usually a percentage charged against the average daily balance of the fund.

As a reflection of our mission to inspire and facilitate revolutionary biblical generosity, The Signatry does not charge an administrative fee on donor advised funds, designated funds, or charity funds. 

Investment Management Fees

To help maximize generosity, The Signatry offers multiple options for investing the assets in a fund. These options carry management fees.

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Investment Pool Management Fees

Management fees are withheld from investment pools. All performance is reported on a net return basis. View the full investment pool options here.

Investment PoolRisk ProfileFee Factor (%)
Money MarketVery Low0.05%
Capital PreservationLow0.35%
Conservative IncomeLow to Moderate0.35%
Income & GrowthModerate to Moderately Aggressive0.75%
GrowthModerately Aggressive to Aggressive0.75% 
Aggressive GrowthAggressive0.75% 
Domestic IndexAggressive0.45% 
Advisor Managed Accounts

Funds that have all or part of their investments managed by an external advisor are subject to the investment management expenses charged by the advisor and the investment products they choose. These expenses are paid from the fund; the expenses do not go to The Signatry. For more information on these expenses, please contact your financial advisor.

Complex Asset Management Fees

Funds at The Signatry that hold complex assets may be subject to an investment management fee. For more information, contact your relationship manager.

Transaction Costs

When making a contribution to a fund using electronic means, third-party processors are involved. These processors charge transaction fees.

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Credit Card and ACH/E-Check Transactions

Credit/debit card and ACH/E-Check transaction fees for fund contributions are charged by our payment processor. The contributor will be receipted for the full amount of the contribution. The fund will reflect the gift amount minus the cost of the fee.

Credit & Debit CardsACH/E-Check
Visa/Master Card/Discover:
2.2% + $.30 per transaction
American Express:
3.5% + $.30 per transaction
0.8% per transaction with a cap of $5
(no transaction, regardless of amount will be charged more than $5)
Cryptocurrency Transactions

Fund contributions of cryptocurrency are subject to a 2% transaction fee charged by our payment processor. There are no additional fees charged by The Signatry for contributions of cryptocurrency.

Special Grant Delivery Expenses

Grants at The Signatry are typically paid via ACH transfer to the receiving nonprofit’s bank account. There are no fees for a typical grant payment.

There are occasions where a donor may advise a different method of payment for grants that may incur an additional expense.

Wire DeliveryExpedited Physical Check
If grant is requested to be delivered via wire, there will be an additional $25 charge.If a grant is requested to be paid by check via expedited overnight delivery, a $25 fee will be assessed.

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