Total grants made since founding: $3.8B


Total contributions made since founding: $5.4B


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Stories of Impact

Trending Cause: Education

In Q2, The Signatry community designated over $450,000 in grants for scholarships to 22 different schools, including Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK.

Image courtesy of Oral Roberts University

Trending Cause: Justice & Advocacy

Crisis pregnancy centers across 22 states received over $196,000 in grants from The Signatry community, including Advice & Aid Pregnancy Center in Overland Park, Kansas.

Trending Cause: Health & Human Services

The Signatry community sent over $974,000 to 11 children's hospitals across 9 states, including Seattle Children's Hospital, the only pediatric hospital serving the states of Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska.

Image courtesy of Seattle Children's Hospital


When the World Has Said, "You're No Good"

In what ways would you like to see the world look different?

This is a question we encourage all our donors to ask as they consider how to invest their resources for God’s Kingdom.

This summer we spoke with two of our donors who support Men of Valor, a nonprofit prison ministry in Nashville, TN. Men of Valor serves men while they are incarcerated and after they return to their families, providing education, job training, relationship and parenting support, and mentorship.

Our donors, Meredith and Jeff, each asked themselves how they want the world to look. They both envisioned a nation with fewer incarcerated fathers.

Meredith felt a strong call to enact Jesus’ words in Matthew 25 in his own life—specifically, to live out Christ’s call to visit those in prison.

Jeff’s father was a prosecutor who came to believe that the prison system was not a place for change or for hope. Jeff wondered if anything could be done.

They shared with us the joy they have found in serving and mentoring the men in these programs. As Meredith says, “It’s been a great experience to see God redeeming men who the world has told, "You're no good."

What experiences and relationships have shaped how you think about the world? What problems weigh on your heart again and again? These could be indicators for how you can become a cause champion.

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