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Open your donor advised fund in just a few steps. No minimum balance is required to open a donor advised fund at The Signatry.

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    Set up your online account in a few steps. Create a name for your fund, recommend investments, and include others you want to be part of the fund.

  2. Receive your log-in credentials

    Within 24 hours, you will get an email confirming your account. Watch for emails from

  3. Start

    Log in to your fund and take a look at the features you can utilize, including recurring grants, setting up goals, and more.

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Find the tools to support your Kingdom passions.

  • Investments

    All investments are screened to ensure they support companies who meet Christian ethical standards so you can give and invest in a way that honors the Kingdom.

  • Tracking

    Dashboards provide easy access to historical information and upcoming activity.

  • Resources

    Utilize all your resources and contribute to your fund with direct deposit, stocks, complex assets, and more.

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