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Lay the Foundation for Generosity

From oil and gas interests, to farmland, to commercial property, donating interests in real estate can provide tax savings that allow you to give more to charity. Whether you are giving all or partial interest, we are here to help you think creatively about the resources you have so you can make the most of them through charitable giving strategies.

How It Works

With The Signatry, you can give interest in appreciated real estate and use the proceeds to grant more from your donor advised fund. This makes it possible to avoid capital gains taxes while still receiving an income tax deduction for your gift’s fair market value.

ADonate real estate interests before a sale. Receive an income tax deduction.
BYour DAF receives distributions from sale proceeds.
CRecommend grants from your donor advised fund.
Hold or Sell
When you contribute real estate interests to The Signatry, you can ask us to sell the property or hold it for income. The proceeds are then put into your donor advised fund, where you can give freely from it when you are ready.
Tax Benefits
By giving real estate to The Signatry, you can avoid capital gains tax on the portion you gift in addition to an income tax deduction for the gift’s fair market value. If the property is held rather than sold, the income can flow from the property to your donor advised fund potentially tax free, or with significantly reduced tax.
Further Kingdom Impact
Not only are you able to give from the proceeds of the gift itself, but the benefit of the ongoing reduced tax frees you to give more. Dollars that once would have been sent to taxes can instead fund Kingdom work.

Our experts are standing by to help you think creatively about your resources and identify the best giving strategies for your goals.

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Learn how to use real estate to potentially save taxes and support charities through your donor advised fund.

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