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With this bold approach to maximize your resources, it becomes possible to fulfill those God-sized dreams. It’s time to take the Kingdom. What is your cause? Fulfilling the Great Commission? Ending human trafficking? Let’s partner together and sign our name to these causes of Christ. Generosity is more than a check; it sets the stage to pass on legacy and change lives.

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The Signatry Difference.

You are passionate for Kingdom causes, and The Signatry is the difference-maker for your resources. You’ll never pay a minimum monthly fee, and with our commitment to fee transparency, you’ll never need to second guess your investment, either. It’s just one important way that we can help send more to the causes you care about most.

Our values infuse every aspect of service, from personalized solutions to careful vetting of every organization that receives a grant. Find out today why The Signatry is right for you.

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4 Creative Ways to Use Your Donor Advised Fund

At The Signatry, we believe it’s a new day for generosity. With donor advised funds as a commonly used tool, many are finding new ways to use their fund creatively. Here are just a few ideas: Helping the Needy. Did you know that you can make gifts to individuals in need by way of a ministry called Helping Hands?  For example, gifts to help those hit by hard financial times, unforeseen medical bills or catastrophic situations. Company Benevolence. Increasingly, we’ve seen companies create donor advised funds to which employees may contribute and help fellow employees in need (by way of…

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Can We Raise the 2 Percent?

There are some rosy numbers out there for the giving world. For example, in 2015, The Atlas for Giving predicted giving to be at a total of $442 billion. While this is a healthy number, it actually is a decrease. Here’s the head scratcher—giving remains at 2 percent of GDP and has been that way for the past 40 years.  Put differently, no matter the times, no matter how well the stock market does, no matter how much incomes rise, giving as an overall percentage of the wallet has remained the same. That flat giving percentage puzzles me, since more…

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The Seventh Generation Legacy – Can it be Yours?

When you meet with most advisors, they encourage you to think of retirement. “Plan for the long term” is the adage. But what about seven generations? In Jeremiah 35, God asks Jeremiah to bring in the Recabite family and offer them wine to drink. (For context, this is a period of time when Jeremiah questions whether any are faithful.) However, when the Recabites come in before Jeremiah, they refuse to drink the wine. Their response, in essence: “We don’t drink wine, we don’t build houses, we live in tents, and we don’t plant gardens because our forefather Jonadab son of…

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