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“Our clients want something more. They are facing issues of thinking through succession, how their businesses will carry on, how their children will fare, and ultimately what their legacy will be. We help families develop a plan for multi-generational legacy, but we also help them remember the stories that brought them there.”

The Signatry BlogConversations from our thought leader


The Surprising Story and Legacy of the Nobel Prize

1 day ago By Bill High

It’s a great honor to receive the Nobel Prize. Since 1901, there have been 585 prizes awarded in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology, Literature and Peace. The prizes stem from the 1895 will of Alfred Nobel.  And just who was Alfred Nobel? In the mid-1860s, Alfred invented a detonator for explosives.  He continued experimenting with a form of nitroglycerin.  But one of those experiments went awry, and five people died in an explosion at his factory.  Emil, Alfred’s brother, was one of the five who died in the accident. As a result of this tragedy, Alfred sought to develop a more stable explosive,…

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Begin your legacy journey

1 week ago By The Signatry

We all long to live a life that matters long after we are gone, but how do we move from wishful thinking to actionable steps? Sometimes, it comes down to each small, intentional act. Start your journey by thinking through a few key questions. You can answer them all at once, spread them out over several months, or even work through them as a group. Do it at your pace so you stay attuned to God’s prompting in your heart. We look forward to hearing how God is moving you. Reach out as you have more questions and move on…

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What’s the word in the next charitable giving wave?

2 months ago By Bill High

Deeper. In my previous blogs, I’ve mentioned how donor advised funds brought democratization to philanthropy.  Put differently, donor advised funds have become like the latest fad product buy. While certainly, there’s still an opportunity for donor advised funds to grow in number, they are enough people who have “bought” them that they are asking the question:  “what next?” What next for donor advised funds? Many don’t want to use their donor advised funds simply as a dispensary.  They want to start conversations with their family about giving, why giving, why they give as a family, what their vision and mission…

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Five Principles of Inheritance

2 months ago By Bill High

It’s one of the most common questions I get asked: How much should I leave my children? Yet the Bible is clear that a good man leaves an inheritance to his grandchildren (Proverbs 13:22).But the Bible doesn’t prescribe what that inheritance should be or how much the inheritance should be. However, there are at least 5 principles of inheritance from Scripture that deserve attention. Principle One: It’s Your Responsibility to Provide Order. Sometimes in a planning conversation, I will hear a parent say, “Well, what do I care? I’ll be gone. My kids can figure it out.” When King David…

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David Green – The Way of Living Generously

2 months ago By Bill High

What would you do? In 2012, Hobby Lobby faced a critical, company-ending decision. They could either face fines of $1.3 million per day or provide abortion-inducing prescriptions as part of Obamacare. The latter option was against the religious and moral views of David and his family. In Giving it All Away and Getting it All Back Again: The Way of Living Generously (Zondervan 2017), David Green recounts his US Supreme Court struggle. He tells how his family chose to stand by what they believed, knowing it might cost them the company. Their journey of faith took them to the edge:…

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How Tax Reform Could Impact Charitable Giving

6 months ago By Bill High

As Congress works to implement tax reform, much of the focus has been on business and personal income tax relief and on simplifying the code.  But in the flurry of activity between proposals and counter proposals, there’s been little coverage related to the charitable deduction.  I received an email the other day from a colleague who has been active on Capitol Hill, offering some analysis: Some of the proposals have argued for raising the standard deduction to $12,000. Currently 33% of tax filers itemize. This group essentially doesn’t pay taxes on what they give. If the standard deduction is doubled,…

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