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Together, we can solve the world’s
greatest problems through generosity.

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Imagine a global community where people come together for one bold purpose—to create eternal impact. At The Signatry, we empower donors, advisors, and ministries to make a greater impact for the causes they love by equipping them with innovative tools, resources, and education. It all starts with a donor advised fund—your tool for clear and intentional generosity.

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Empowering Advisors

We equip financial advisors across the nation with resources and tools to serve their clients with unique charitable strategies.

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Eternal Impact Starts with a Signature

Our community believes that together we can write the last checks needed to solve the world’s greatest problems. See how our community is signing our names to champion the causes of Christ.

Joe B. Kim
Joe B. Kim Ontario, California
To do the most good in Jesus' name.
Greg Budreau
Greg Budreau Keizer, OR
He gets us.
Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson Minneapolis, MN
Mothers in need be fully taken care of.
Ken Fletcher
Ken Fletcher Naples, FL
Making disciples of Christ.
Anthony W.
Anthony W. Groton, SD
The will of God to be fulfilled.
Andy Davey
Andy Davey Overland Park, KS
It all belongs to Him, including the people we need to reach with food, jobs, and the Gospel.
Carly Rejniak
Carly Rejniak Valencia, CA
To end abortion in America.
Paul P. Buck
Paul P. Buck Holly Springs, NC
We may fill the earth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ....
Denise M.
Denise M. Guyana, South America
Every home a bible; every home a Christian
Amanda Gonnella
Amanda Gonnella Massachusetts
The end of hunger and rescue from poverty
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“Our clients want something more. They are facing issues of thinking through succession, how their businesses will carry on, how their children will fare, and ultimately what their legacy will be. We help families develop a plan for multi-generational legacy, but we also help them remember the stories that brought them there.”

Bill High

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