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“Our clients want something more. They are facing issues of thinking through succession, how their businesses will carry on, how their children will fare, and ultimately what their legacy will be. We help families develop a plan for multi-generational legacy, but we also help them remember the stories that brought them there.”

The Signatry BlogConversations from our thought leader


5 Generosity Conversation Starters for Your Family

11 hours ago By Bill High

In the upcoming holidays, many of us have intentions to create an atmosphere of gratitude in our home.  However, creating authentic conversation about generosity during the busyness of the season does not always occur easily. Create space The first step often begins simply by making space. As hard as it can be, make it a point to gather your family and set the expectation for the desire to talk through these topics. Setting clear intentions of gratitude and generosity can develop a strong foundation for your family to thrive from, even in the midst of a fast-paced, always-wanting-more culture. Especially…

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2 Year End Giving Strategies

1 week ago By The Signatry

For many donors, deductions have played a significant role in their year-end charitable contributions. However, with recent changes in tax laws, your clients may feel unsure of how to navigate their donations. Given that the 2017 Tax Act doubled the standard deduction, people who used to itemize may be less likely to do so. Reassuring your clients that many of the giving strategies they’re accustomed to will continue to offer them tax benefits and will continue to benefit the organizations close to their heart is always a win/win. Although your client may know which organizations they want to donate to, they…

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5 Tools to Thank Your Donors

2 weeks ago By The Signatry

We all know the active support of donors is crucial to your Kingdom work, but sometimes we need the reminder to be intentional in honoring them. Offering recognition and appreciation to your donors is important in retaining their trust and loyalty to your organization’s mission. There are numerous ways to say “thank you,” but whether large or small, expressing your gratitude should feel meaningful and genuine. Including personal stories will invite the donor to see themselves as a vital part of your ministry. Whether your plan needs a refresh or you are getting started, use these ideas of ways to…

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The power of a donor advised fund

3 weeks ago By Bill High

An October 4, 2018, article by Bloomberg noted that donor advised funds have tripled in growth to more than $85 billion in assets by year end 2016. The rise of donor advised funds has been tied to a variety of reasons:  ease of use, tax efficiency and even as part of family legacy planning.  Ray Madoff, a Boston College Law School professor, further notes that donor advised funds provide optimum tax benefits for complex assets. Specifically, some donor advised funds are particularly adept at receiving gifts of real estate and even closely held business interests.  “The right structure in receiving closely held business…

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3 Keys to Building a Giving Plan

4 weeks ago By Bill High

We all have a desire to live generously. Whether it be through our time, talents, or resources, we enjoy making an impact. Although leaving a legacy through giving may be our desire, achieving that goal typically doesn’t happen without a plan. Creating a giving plan that suits your values and interests will not only help you achieve your goals, but will also promote your success in doing so. As you start the process, it can be difficult to narrow down the causes you are passionate about in order to focus your efforts. According to *Cynder Sinclair, PHD asking yourself the…

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Bring hope to those impacted by Hurricane Michael

1 month ago By The Signatry

After Hurricane Michael hit, the news was filled with pictures of the devastation, but the impact will remain far longer than just those first few days, even as attention may fade. It is a long journey for those impacted as they rebuild. We have the opportunity to serve the basic needs of these affected communities in order to provide the relief and hope they need to press forward in their efforts. Kindness now leaves a lasting impact. The Panama City Giving Hope Fund has been established with The Signatry by Panama City Toyota. You can contribute to this fund, and the…

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