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About The Signatry

Established in 2000, The Signatry is a global community and ministry dedicated to creating eternal impact through generosity across generations. Since our founding, we have facilitated more than $4 billion in transformational grants for nonprofits around the world.

For too long, giving has focused solely on dollar amounts. We believe generosity is a lifestyle that should be focused on transformation. By starting with values and turning them into a lifestyle, we build the foundation for what is truly important: enduring families and eternal impact.

What We Do

As a donor advised fund sponsor, The Signatry administers the accounts through which people give. Through innovative charitable strategies with donor advised funds and complex assets, we empower donors, advisors, and nonprofits to maximize resources to fulfill their roles in expanding the Kingdom.

By the Numbers
22 Years of Stewardship
For two decades, we have served a rapidly growing donor base to become a global movement.
$4 Billion+ in Grants
from $4 billion+ in contributions
Our lifetime grants vs. contributions serves as a testimony to our community’s dedication to solving world problems.
68% Lifetime Grant Flow-Through Rate
The majority of our dollars are given away in the same year, demonstrating our community’s active commitment to solving the world’s greatest problems.
12,000+ Nonprofits Supported
Our like-minded community supports a range of ministries around the world as part of our global approach to eternal impact.

Our Global Impact

Our story began in 2000 with a simple but bold vision from our founders: find a way to connect God’s wealth with God’s workers. The Signatry was created to meet this challenge. What began as a foundation in Kansas City has grown with our mission to inspire and facilitate revolutionary generosity and spread the gospel worldwide.

The Signatry is now a global community that has facilitated over $4 billion in grants for nonprofits around the world. We are supporting discipleship and outreach efforts, Bible translations, cultural care, church plants, anti-human-trafficking missions, student ministries, poverty alleviation, clean water initiatives, and so much more. As our story continues to grow, we are more united than ever in our pursuit of transformational generosity for eternal impact.

Our Commitment
Our values of integrity and transparency are essential to the resources and services we provide. As an ECFA member, we hold to high standards. We make current and past 990s available on Guidestar, and we always welcome questions and conversation. Visit our Financials page for more information.

More Information

Candid seal of transparencyYou can support our work with trust and confidence by viewing our nonprofit profile on Candid’s website. To earn the Platinum Seal of Transparency, you must first pass the bronze, silver, and gold transparency steps. Through the Platinum Seal of Transparency, The Signatry has made available our operational programs, brand information, leadership and leadership details, recent audited financial information, our board information, and our strategies, goals, and progress metrics.


What Marla and I value most about The Signatry is the opportunity to meet and connect with likeminded, generous people. There is power in gathering together, building relationships, collaborating, and encouraging one another in the work God has given us…We are honored to be a part of this community working to change the world.
Brian Hill
Working with The Signatry on this gift was a no-brainer. They helped me to share God's resources in big chunks, sooner rather than later.
Mission and Vision Mission and Vision
Mission and Vision

The Signatry exists to inspire and facilitate revolutionary biblical generosity. The vision is to write the last check to the last missionary to be sent out to the last unreached people group so the last person can hear the gospel.

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Leadership Leadership

We’ve spent years discovering how to best partner with families, advisors, and ministries, and we’re convinced that making the biggest impact for the Kingdom requires an intentional focus on transformational generosity.

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