Advisor Managed Accounts

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Advisor managed accounts at The Signatry allow you to take part in your client’s charitable giving goals by managing the investments in a donor advised fund.

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What is an Advisor Managed Account?

An advisor managed account (AMA) is an external brokerage account that can be set up within a donor advised fund and serves as an alternative way to invest a fund’s balance beyond The Signatry’s standard offerings, including our biblically responsible investment pools.


This external account is under the discretionary management of a financial advisor who has been recommended by a donor to The Signatry.

If your client has opened a donor advised fund with The Signatry, they can recommend that The Signatry partner with you as a financial advisor for the funds within the external brokerage account.

Why Consider an Advisor Managed Account?


How do I set up an AMA?

To open an advisor managed account with The Signatry, visit our Start a Fund page where your client will need to complete the donor advised fund (DAF) application.

In the application, your client can indicate their interest and recommend that The Signatry retain you as an investment manager for the fund.

After the DAF is established, we will review the recommended investment manager. Once this is approved, we will work with you to set up the investment accounts.

Will all of the donor advised fund balance be invested through the AMA?

Not necessarily. A donor can recommend that some or all of the fund balance be invested.

Can I create an AMA within an existing donor advised fund?

Yes. A donor advised fund must be established before the donor can recommend an investment manager.

If you or your client have already set up a donor advised fund at The Signatry, Contact Us to submit the recommendation and initiate the process.

If you or your client have already set up a donor advised fund at a different sponsoring organization, that fund can be easily transferred to The Signatry as a grant from the existing sponsor.

Can the donor recommend grants from a donor advised fund that contains an active AMA?

Yes. Your clients may continue to use the donor advised fund as they normally would.

If the total fund balance is invested with an advisor managed account, the process to recommend a grant may take longer than usual to complete, as divestment from the account will be necessary to fund the grant.

What does it mean that The Signatry would retain me as an advisor?

The Signatry allows donors to recommend a financial advisor to manage the investments in a donor advised fund. Because The Signatry has legal ownership of the assets in the donor advised fund, you are serving as an advisor to The Signatry when you manage these investments. You can continue to assess fees from the growth in these investment accounts.

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