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Creative Giving Options
That Fit Within Your Unique Calling

We want to help you think through your values and give you the tools you need to live them out. When you’re looking for more than a donor advised fund, our creative giving solutions help you partner with the causes you care about most—so you can be faithful to the mission God has given you.

We’re here to help you get started.

Tools beyond the donor advised fund

Charitable Remainder Trusts

A donor may list their donor advised fund as the beneficiary of their charitable remainder trust (CRT) to support more charities, increase flexibility and control, and potentially reduce future expenses. By designating a DAF at The Signatry as the trust’s beneficiary, donors and their families have the ability to support multiple charities and modify the charitable giving plan easily.

Designated Fund

Grants from a designated fund can only be sent to a single charity, specified whenever the fund is opened. Designated funds qualify for receiving required minimum distributions from an IRA account, while donor advised funds do not qualify. Designated funds also guarantee that all grants will only be sent to whichever charity is designated on the fund.

Life Insurance

A life insurance policy may be donated to The Signatry to maximize charitable impact through a donor advised fund (DAF). Donors may receive a charitable deduction by gifting the life insurance policy to The Signatry and listing the DAF as the beneficiary of policy.

Supporting Organization

A supporting organization is a specific type of public charity that carries out its tax-exempt purpose by supporting other public charities. This allows you, your family, or your business to manage grant-making to charitable organizations. By creating a supporting organization with the help of The Signatry, you will receive administrative help, grants management support, and investment management support. A supporting organization can cover operating expenses and offer full-time employment with benefits. Through The Signatry, you can combine a supporting organization with a donor advised fund for anonymous granting and additional grant support.

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