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You facilitate your clients’ financial journeys, but the opportunity goes deeper. Charitable giving strategies with The Signatry allow you to diversify your offerings to clients while still maintaining management of assets and growing relationships.

You can unlock greater tax savings for your clients, serve your clients in deeper ways, and connect with the next generation.

Charitable giving isn’t at odds with your practice. It’s an advantage.

Did You Know?

By bringing charitable giving into their practice, 78% of advisors experienced a positive impact on their bottom line. (2018 US Trust Study)

Your clients’ donor advised fund assets can stay under your management and fee structure with The Signatry’s advisor managed accounts.

Our structured giving tools and strategies empower your tax and charitable strategy with clients.

Next Steps

  • The power of a donor advised fund

    DAFs are a strategic tool in charitable planning that allow for clear and efficient generosity.

    • With one receipt at tax time for your client’s giving, your tax planning is made easy.
    • Use the charitable bunching strategy with a DAF to help your clients maximize tax deductions.
    • Connect with your clients on the causes that matter to them as you plan long-term giving in their estate plans.

    Talk to us to learn more about how DAFs can be beneficial to your practice.

  • Utilize advisor managed accounts

    The beauty of an advisor managed account is it allows you to integrate charitable giving seamlessly into your clients’ financial goals.

    • You can keep continuity of relationships with clients through AMAs, and keep the advisory fees that support your practice.
    • With no minimum balance required, you manage the account from the first dollar, unlike the industry average of hundreds of thousands of dollars.
    • Use your preferred custodian to support your clients’ investment goals.

  • Minimize tax. Maximize generosity.

    Charitable giving strategies make the most of client resources, potentially reduce taxes, and elevate impact.

    • Our charitable giving strategies can help you deliver tax savings for your clients.
    • Help your clients utilize their resources beyond cash like business interests and publicly traded securities to impact the causes they love and potentially reduce taxes.
    • Navigate even the most complex gift situations with our experienced team.

    Use our Generosity Calculator to see what’s possible.

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Resources to Amplify Your Practice

Get a taste of what is possible through strategic generosity with your clients.

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Business Interest Case Study
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