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With The Signatry, you’ll uncover tools and solutions to empower your clients, maximize their tax savings, and spark world changing generosity. From asset giving to business sales, our mission is to enhance your practice with the tools you need to navigate even the most complex charitable strategies.

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Most families, especially the high net worth, are already investing in charitable giving, and they are relying on your expertise to facilitate their journey. With our tools and resources, discover how to start the conversation with clients, grow your relationships, and learn more about the values and causes they support.

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There is a world of solutions ready, and we are here to support.

  • Charitable

    Donate stock and experience the charitable and tax benefits

    • Reduce taxes in a business sale with a charitable giving strategy

    • Use real estate as an engine for generosity

  • Separately Managed

    • Provide continuity of experience for your clients by maintaining investment management of the donor advised fund

    • Deepen relationships with clients as you support their philanthropy and investment goals

    • No minimum account balance required to establish a separately managed account. Learn more on how to begin

  • Generosity

    • Meet with our gift planning experts and learn how to build a legacy mindset

    • Use The Signatry donor advised funds to simplify giving, tax deductions, and contribution receipts

    • Ensure your clients’ values will be honored through our biblically responsible investment pools

    • Simplified ways to gift publicly traded securities

Generosity Calculator

Use our generosity calculator to empower your practice and assist your clients with their charitable decisions on complex assets. See the potential tax savings and benefit to charity.

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“Bill High has been a visionary for stewardship and giving for many years. He has always asked the hard questions and challenged each one of us to think beyond ourselves and the status quo. God has called us to align with His heart for extravagant generosity and I’m excited for the launch of the Signatry to provide an avenue to live out this alignment. Let us all continue to ask if there is more that can be done for His Kingdom, and when we find opportunities, be willing to step out boldly.”

Eric Dunavant, CFP
President, Paradiem

The Signatry BlogConversations from our thought leaders

Starting 2020 with 20/20 Vision

2 weeks ago By Evan Lange

Over 60% of Americans will make New Year resolutions for 2020. Some of the most popular resolutions for 2020 are losing weight, reading more, spending more time with family, and flying less to help prevent emissions into the environment. While I typically do not have a “resolution” for the New Year, I will build a plan and goals for the next 12 months. What are the goals for financial advisors, lawyers, and accountants for 2020? A quick web search will provide hundreds of tips to improve and grow your practice. These tips include: investing and utilizing new technology, exploring new…

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Generosity in the Story of Christmas

2 months ago By Evan Lange

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love the joy and cheer, sweet treats, and the wonder in my children’s eyes when they come down the stairs on Christmas morning. But the thing I love most is the Christmas story! In Chip Ingram’s book, Genius of Generosity, he gives a beautiful picture of how true generosity is demonstrated in the Christmas story. To better explain this, let’s look at the six types of gifts given in the Christmas story. Gift of Treasure – The Wise Men As the leading astrologers of their time, the Magi studied the stars and…

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Year-end checklist for Advisors

3 months ago By Evan Lange

The leaves and the weather are changing, so that means it is time to start year-end planning sessions with your clients. Take some extra time this fall to consider some of these simple year-end charitable and tax-planning strategies: Bunch a bunch Because of the 2017 tax law changes, several clients may not have enough itemized deductions to surpass the 2019 standard deduction threshold ($12,200 for individuals and $24,400 for married couples filing jointly). However, clients can maximize their deductions by doubling or tripling up charitable contributions one year and skipping the next year(s). This strategy is referred to as “bunching”…

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