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Your Kingdom work is advancing the gospel and bringing global transformation, and that’s work worth sustaining. We know the work can be daunting at times, so you need partners who will stand with you and supply resources to fuel your God-given call. That is why we are here.

From managing boards to fundraising, we have been on those same journeys, so we aim to serve you from our years of experience with faith-driven initiatives. We are here to equip, encourage, and partner with you.

“Drawing upon his experience, expertise, and excellent communication skills, Bill High, CEO of The Signatry, engagingly shared ‘generational generosity’ at several SAT-7 donors/friends weekends, helping our guests understand how to be better stewards of their assets, do more for the ministries, and provide an example to their families. We appreciate how Bill integrates Scripture and Christian values in his presentations.”
Dr. Rex Rogers
President, SAT-7 USA
“Thank you for inviting me to the Major Donors Workshop. Your presentation blew away my expectations. As I talked to my wife, she said, ‘It is cool that he uses his expertise to help multiple ministries even though he may not be ‘proclaiming the gospel’ each day, but helps others do so in powerful ways. You have a great conviction. Thank you for sharing it with me.”
Michael Loney
Executive Director, Freedom Hoops
“The thing I appreciate the most from Bill High and the Signatry is their commitment to helping people give more and pay less in taxes in a very comfortable and personal approach.”
Major Donor Training Client
“Bill's training on ‘Finding and Completing Major Gifts’ opened my eyes to the standard deduction and charitable giving benefits of the new 2017 tax law.”
Major Donor Training Client
“Invaluable information for proper Major Donor work.”
Major Donor Training Client
“I went in to the Major Gift's training not sure what to expect and came out greatly encouraged and inspired by the level and depth of the information that was passed on. Every NPO should have access to this knowledge!”
Ministry Services Partner
“The Signatry is amazing! That is an understatement. The entire presentation blew away my expectations. It gave me a pep in my step and I already had a list of people who could be served from the services that the Signatry offers.”
Major Donor Training Client
“The Signatry's focus on generosity, grasp of philanthropy and expertise on tax law combined with their heart to help ministry is a unique and valued resource for the Church and ministry!”
Ministry Services Partner

Our Services

We’re working every day to help you continue the work God has called you to do. Here’s what that looks like.

  • Equip donors

    Your donors are asking for tax strategy, how to give assets, and solutions to simplify giving. We are here to provide the tools you need to meet their requests. Contact us to develop solutions for your ministry.

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  • Training

    From free guides, to videos, to training sessions, we have built resources to assist in your journey. Browse resources on our site or request to join our exclusive ministry community Facebook group.

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  • Charity Funds

    Serve your generous donors and hand off the administrative duties of tracking and receipting to us with a Charity Fund. Your donors contribute, it goes into your fund, and you can manage as needed. Download the sign up form here.

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Find The Solutions For You

With us, you gain practical training gleaned from our industry experts and years of donor and ministry expertise. Find the resources you need to thrive in this Kingdom work.

Donor Development Resources

Donor development includes prospecting, major gifts, complex asset gifts, and planned giving. We equip you through consultations, how to have donor conversations, and we assist in facilitating major gifts.

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We partner with development industry experts to bring you valuable, applicable training sessions. These topics are all focused on encouraging your donor development efforts.

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Ministry Resources

Sometimes you need a guide to show you the way. That is why we are here. You will find key guides and templates here to help as you work out your development strategy.

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The Signatry Blog
Conversations from our thought leaders


Maximizing the Middle

4 weeks ago By Kristin Hammett

Are you a middle child? Do you have a middle child? Middle children commonly share they don’t get enough attention, or they don’t “fit” in the family. I have three kids of my own. My husband and I often say our oldest demands attention, our youngest requires attention, but our middle child needs attention. I think the same can be true with donors. Major donors warrant a considerable amount of attention and relational investment. General donors require regular mass communication. But middle donors? They need (and deserve) attention from ministries as well. And they may be the most under-served donor…

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How to Prepare for Year-End Giving

2 months ago By Kristin Hammett

Summer is drawing to a close. With fall around the corner, the prospect of cooler temperatures, autumn colors, and pumpkin spice everything, the year-end giving season is also upon us. The 2019 Year-End Giving will be interesting to watch. The 2018 Giving USA report indicated a slight growth in giving of 0.7 percent, but individual giving was down 1.1 percent. According to The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 26 percent of nonprofits said the changes to the 2017 tax law did not affect their fundraising.  Just 17 percent said they saw a negative effect. This leaves some question marks on the philanthropic…

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Reclaiming Joy

3 months ago By Kristin Hammett

Can I be honest? Sometimes life just seems like a series of to-do lists. There’s the work to-do list. The home to-do list. The kids’ to-do list. The school to-do list. The activities to-do list.   As a person who likes to be productive and check the boxes on the various lists, joy can sometimes be elusive.    What about you? Are you joyful about the work you are doing? Are you energized and excited about the work God has invited you to be a part of? Or, have you lost sight of the big picture?   I’d like to share some insights I’ve recently…

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