Maximize Your Nonprofit’s Fundraising Potential

Where is your nonprofit in its journey toward a strong donor development program? What elements of your fundraising efforts are ready to evolve or expand?

nonprofit team meeting discussing donor development strategies
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The Nonprofit Development Program Assessment can help you gain insight into exactly how your nonprofit could maximize its donor development efforts. Our team created this tool after years of experience helping faith-driven nonprofits connect with high-net-worth donors. The assessment questions will give you a deeper understanding of your fundraising program’s strengths, its growth opportunities, and the tools available to fuel your mission.

Nonprofit Development Program Assessment

The assessment is straightforward and takes less than five minutes to complete. After you submit your answers, you will receive honest feedback about the health of your donor development program and the areas for growth that can lead to the biggest returns for your work. You can reach out to our Nonprofit Success team for a follow-up conversation or to learn more about how The Signatry can equip you to maximize your impact.