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In a busy world, The Signatry Nonprofit Success video training is here to simplify your fundraising growth. Engage with videos at your own pace and connect through live training sessions to further your next steps. We offer several formats you can engage in training to guide you through key areas of generosity and donor development strategy.

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Watch training sessions at your own pace here. From year-end fundraising to development culture, you will find a broad range of topics from industry experts here.

How to Grow Significant Giving(44:02)

Zach Clark has over 20 years of experience working in Christian fundraising and development. He shares practical insights and strategies for effectively serving donors. This training session outlines plans, strategies, and other insights essential to successfully execute a development plan. Click here to access free resources and schedule a time with their team.

Asking Without Fear(36:47)

Asking without fear. Is that even possible? Michael Mitchell shares insights from his experience in fundraising and development. When it comes to asking, regardless the size of the gift, there is always some fear. That’s normal! Sometimes the ask is actually the least practiced thing. Be sure to have a pen and paper handy so you can write down the 4 parts of the ask framework Michael shares. For more of Michael’s resources and wisdom, connect with him on LinkedIn.

Major Donor Generosity Insights(24:10)

Westfall Gold has coordinated over 400 major donor events in the last 20 years. They have gained key insights in how to best engage donors in the ministry story, work, and mission. Robert shares two insights in this webcast. For all five insights, find the 2021 Generosity Report here.

The Power of Empathy in Ministry(28:19)

Jeremy Turner and EPIC Mission believe in order to effectively serve others, we must be able to see and feel the world as they do without judgement. They provide coaching, consulting, and other business services to empower clients to fuel their missions. Jeremy shares empathy insights at Also, be sure to download this valuable eBook, Empathy Leads to Revenue.

Grants and Christian Ministries(34:06)

Julé Colvin, President of Pathways to Growth, specializes in helping nonprofits build their capacity so they create greater impact, improve efficiency, and increase appeal to potential donors and grant funders. For more information, visit their website and take the grant readiness grant readiness assessment.

Essential Strategies to Unleash Your Productivity(23:03)

Melissa Tidwell, with Belay Solutions, walks through essential strategies to unleash productivity in your organization. Click here to download your own copy of the delegation worksheet. Click here for the Essential Strategies to Unleash Your Productivity e-book.

The Hero’s Journey(25:26)

Christian LeFer says it is his mission to pave a path for people. He and the Instant Nonprofit team are the most highly-rated 501(c)3 service in the niche. Christian has raised millions and runs many successful campaigns creating & marketing solutions to benefit the nonprofit sector. Connect with Christian and explore options to start, fund, or grow a nonprofit at Instant Nonprofit's website. Christian also provides this great resource for fundraisers on deepening your Hero’s Journey.

Unshakably Growing Giving Amidst Global Shaking(23:19)

Danya Jordan, Founder and CEO of Blessings Brokers, shares 8 ways to increase giving during uncertain times. These are practical, realistic and effective keys to growing your donor development work and increasing generosity to ministry. Learn more about Blessings Brokers here.

Building a Major Donor Program(59:06)

Tim Smith with Nonprofit DNA has over 30 years experience working with nonprofits. Tim covers the key building blocks to building a major donor program from team building to measuring results. Learn more about Nonprofit DNA and see their resources.

Donor Advised Funds: Understand the Who, Why, and How(13:10)

Understand the logistics around donor advised funds and this next era of major donor givers. Who are donor advised donors, how do you work with their giving style, and what you should know about the purpose of these funds. To learn more about donor advised funds click here.

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