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Your Tool for Clear and Intentional Generosity

A donor advised fund with The Signatry brings clarity and intentionality to the giving process. This tool provides strategic ways to engage your family in conversation, planning, and supporting values through generosity so you can make a real and lasting impact for the causes you love.


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Open Your Fund

Your journey starts by creating your donor advised fund online. No minimum balance is required to open a fund. In the set-up process, you can assign different fund roles, recommend a custom strategy for your investment options to maximize growth, and recommend successors to carry on your legacy. With a click to submit, this is the first step of your journey to transformational generosity.

Build Your Strategy

Once your donor advised fund has been created, now is the time to establish strategies and resources to accomplish your specific goals. Set up recurring grants, contributions, and other tools to support your preferred giving style. Contribute from all of the resources God has blessed you with—cash, business interest, real estate, publicly traded securities, and more to take your next steps toward Kingdom impact. Our experts can help you determine the best giving strategies for your resources and goals.

Live Generously

With your donor advised fund set up, use your values as your guide as you research and select charities. Whether through recurring grants or one-time gifts, you can begin recommending grants to the causes you care about. With online statements and one charitable contribution receipt at tax time, we make it easy for you to stay focused on the things that matter most, like your long-term goals, impact, and legacy.

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Open Your Fund

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