Giving with a Donor Advised Fund

Generosity is more than writing a check. It is how we solve world problems, live out values, and leave a lasting legacy. A donor advised fund (DAF) with The Signatry brings clarity and intentionality to the giving process. This tool provides strategic ways to engage in conversation, planning, and supporting values through generosity. By shifting the focus from transaction to transformation, a donor advised fund with The Signatry empowers you to make a real and lasting impact.

How It Works



Receive an income tax deduction for the year you contribute to your DAF, even if you choose to grant the money out at a later year.

Align values and investments through our biblically responsible investment pools. This alignment of growth and faith can yield both present and eternal returns.

Maintain your legacy through your donor advised fund by creating a succession plan that The Signatry will faithfully carry out for years to come with the successors you choose. You can also include your fund as a beneficiary in your will or estate plan.

Maximize your resources with the option to contribute complex assets, such as business interests, publicly traded securities, or real estate, instead of cash. The Signatry will liquidate the assets and distribute the proceeds to your DAF. This can be a significant opportunity to minimize taxes and maximize generosity.

Recommend recurring grants from your DAF to charities for steady, efficient, and effective giving.

Enjoy receipts from a single source at tax season—your donor advised fund statement.

Set up recurring contributions from bank accounts or other resources to your DAF.

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