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With this bold approach to maximize your resources, it becomes possible to fulfill those God-sized dreams. It’s time to take the Kingdom. What is your cause? Fulfilling the Great Commission?

Ending human trafficking? Let’s partner together and sign our name to these causes of Christ. Generosity is more than a check; it sets the stage to pass on legacy and change lives.

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The Signatry partners with families, advisors, and ministries who have signed their names to champion the causes of Christ. While our passions are different, our focus remains united. We’re leveraging our creativity, innovation, and biblical values to transform the world through each last check signed to solve the world’s problems.

Relationships That Transform Investments Into Impact

With nearly 20 years of experience, we know a lot about giving, tax strategies, charitable planning, and donor advised funds. But it’s not about the money. We want to help you make the best possible choices with what God has given you.

  • Creative giving

    Work with our experts to fund your cause with innovation. Find out how.

  • Biblically responsible investments

    Give and invest according to your values. Learn how it works.

  • Legacy training

    Continue the values that spur on generosity. Start building your legacy.

  • Bring your financial advisor

    Get counsel to further your giving’s impact. Get started.

The Beginning of Eternity, Starts with a Signature

See how our community is signing their names to champion the causes of Christ.

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Alan Van Sloten
Rochester Hills, Michigan
To see every orphan in a family rooted and built on the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Alan Van Sloten
Bryce Dunn
Chicago, IL
For the Church and the academy to be able to train up leaders that are thoroughly theologically equipped and who radically love God and love others.
Bryce Dunn
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“Our clients want something more. They are facing issues of thinking through succession, how their businesses will carry on, how their children will fare, and ultimately what their legacy will be. We help families develop a plan for multi-generational legacy, but we also help them remember the stories that brought them there.”

The Signatry BlogConversations from our thought leaders


What Are You For?

1 day ago By The Signatry

Our world is full of division and hurt. Injustice surrounds us. This is nothing new, it is the fruit of the fall—the curse of sin—manifested around us every day. So what should be our response to these things? As the church and as individuals, we must examine when to fight injustice and where to grow deeper into God’s justice. This is part of whole-life generosity. A sacrificially generous lifestyle will stand up for those in need, for what is right. We must live out what we are for. It is not enough just to say we care about a cause…

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Potential in the Middle

1 week ago By Kristin Hammett

Whether it is middle school, middle age, or the middle of the year, the middle of anything indicates something critical: potential. The middle suggests something is not finished. It is continuing along the path. Unfortunately, in donor development, the “middle” donors are often forgotten. While mid-level donors may not represent a big segment of a ministry’s database, although sometimes they do, they do present an opportunity for relationship, engagement, and growth. Who are they? The definition of a mid-level donor may vary, but it is safe to say that these donors do not make the major donor list but give…

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Fathers for Generations

2 weeks ago By Len Urbas

As Fathers Day appears on June’s calendar, it can stir many emotions and feelings inside of us. Some have the benefit of a deep and continuing relationship with their fathers, while others may have never met their father. But fatherhood is not limited to biology or earthly definitions – it is about so much more. It is about what God intended for family, lessons learned, experiences shared, spiritual relationship and legacy passed down. We spoke with Len Urbas Jr., our Rocky Mountain regional president, about his experience with his father and as a father himself. Len described his relationship with…

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Innovate with Real Estate Gifts

3 weeks ago By Evan Lange

Real estate is one of the best charitable gifts an individual can make, and you can use these two main strategies to educate your clients on the opportunity. For a concise summary to share with clients, see our real estate fact sheet here with the details of these strategies, but below are the basics of how to make real estate gifts a reality for your clients. Strategy #1 – Gift Before a Sale Gifting all or a portion of a piece of property before the sale occurs. Key Points: The gift, meaning actual transfer of ownership, needs to occur before…

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An Eternal Investment: Celebrating 20 Years

4 weeks ago By Bill High

Twenty years. It has a long time. I started June 1, 2000. I resigned from the law firm to start what was at that time called the Christian Community Foundation in Kansas City. We started with a big dream: we wanted to be part of encouraging radical generosity in order to advance the gospel around the globe to those who had never heard. When I started, there was little fanfare. No press releases or big announcements. My first big act was to create articles and bylaws, and to file for tax-exempt status. I worked from a home office. It took…

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Where is 2020 Giving Going?

1 month ago By The Signatry

The Too Early Predictions for 2020 Charitable Giving: What We Know Now and Where it May Go Buildings closed. Events canceled. Shelter in place is part our language now. With the lockdown, the economy has been severely impacted—but what about philanthropy? What should nonprofits expect for this year? At The Signatry, both donors and ministries keep asking us, “Where is giving headed for 2020? Will we recover? What are we seeing?” While it is too soon to give a final answer on 2020 giving, we have been hard at work. Webinars. Zoom calls. Calls with nonprofit leaders, churches, consultants and…

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