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Unlocking the Influence of Women

9 months ago By Carole Urbas

The Bible gives clear examples of how a woman’s influence is felt throughout the generations. Women influenced society in a variety of ways: through their households, religious life, economics, hospitality, service, and their overall generous nature. From Esther’s path to queen, to the determination of Mary Magdalene, generational change was affected by multiple women. There are several instances of this seen in the Old Testament, including the story of the five daughters of Zelophehad and their quest for an estate. These five vulnerable women came before their community and challenged the law of inheritance. Where a man’s property was to be inherited by his sons, the five daughters of Zelophehad were unwed and had no brothers upon their father’s passing. What happens in this case? The women made a plea for further explanation and terms in their desire to maintain their father’s legacy. They did not act in a hierarchical manner but presented their case by saying “let not our father’s name be lost.” Moses took the issue before the Lord who responded in support of the sisters’ plea. “And the Lord said to Moses, ‘The plea of Zelophehad’s daughters is just: you should give them a hereditary holding… Further, speak to the Israelite people as follows: If a man dies without leaving a son, you shall transfer his property to his daughter.’” Numbers 27: 6—8 The daughters would inherit the land and their case would become precedent for other families in which there were no sons. The boldness of the daughters of Zelophehad provides an example for women today who desire to leave a legacy. Their zeal for bonding the family and carrying on resources is an important model for many women tasked with this today. Not only are women influential in day-to-day life, women now hold a major stake in financial influence. For example, intergenerational wealth set to be inherited by women is $28.7 trillion over the next 40 years. Women also control 51% of all personal wealth in the United States and now hold the majority (52%) of management, professional, and related positions. Financial blessings coupled with the life-giving nature of women is a recipe for impact in families, churches, and charities serving the Kingdom on a global level. — At The Signatry, we strive to help women recognize and live out this God-given design to influence humanity for generations to come. Several unique opportunities we offer for personal growth with women and their families include:

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The Importance of Genealogies in the Bible

11 months ago By The Signatry

Have you ever wondered why entire pages of your Bible are dedicated to listing prior generations of a prominent biblical person? In fact, there are important sections of genealogy listed in 14 books of the Bible, most notably and the largest being 1 Chronicles 1-9. These sections of biblical text are frequently skipped over in the everyday reading of the Scripture, but what value can we gain from their existence? The genealogies of the Bible provide important records of historical succession, continuity, and legitimacy, but these genealogies of the Bible also provide unique insights for our families. Diversity and Impact When we look at the genealogy of Jesus in the gospels of Matthew and Luke, it is not a list of pure royalty or perfect character. The prostitute Rahab is mentioned as a direct ancestor, as well as many other non-Jewish individuals, like Ruth. Kings and rulers ridden with evil pasts like Uzziah and Manasseh are a part of His genealogy. The genealogies were important to the ancient Israelites as they were a record of how their family lineages served God and continued to carry the mission of their forefathers in being laborers for the Lord, in moving God’s people, and overcoming trials to prepare the way for their future generations. Through family lineage, God exemplifies how He uses everyone to fulfill His purpose. The impact on society and shaping of future prominent individuals is the reason we see the names of controversial people, both with a positive and negative track record, mentioned in every list. The same can apply to our own families. Each story and each generation points back to how God can work through us. Importance of Family The mere existence of so many lists of families with ties to high priests, frequent traces to David, Abraham, and Noah, and network of relationships outlined in the Bible are a testament to the importance of family. These lineages demonstrate the detailed nature of God and His interest in the people of His creation. God does not view His Kingdom as some vague group of people. He knows each by name, with specificity and precision for their purpose. God’s blessings to the families of the Bible are not as clear without the genealogies in the Bible.

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