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What is Transformational Generosity?

8 months ago By The Signatry

The Signatry endeavors to inspire transformational generosity. We use this term often as an organization, but what does it mean? While generosity is often equated with financial giving, it goes beyond just how much money we are willing to donate. Transformational generosity means shaping families, changing the way we think about our resources, and most importantly engaging a biblical view of generosity. The effects of this form of generosity echo beyond any bank account, check, or instant gratification. So how do we engage this shift in how we give? It begins by unpacking a few major characteristics of giving that we see in Scripture.

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Answering the Call: Ben Bell’s Passion for Serving Ministries

3 years ago By The Signatry

Prior to joining The Signatry, I was never in a full-time vocational ministry role, although I could consider full-time vocational ministry as “the family business.” My dad’s parents were medical missionaries in China, my dad was a pastor, one uncle was an evangelist, and another aunt and uncle were Korean missionaries. I have several cousins and second cousins who have founded and operate ministries on a full-time basis. Despite several opportunities over the years to move into a full-time vocational ministry role, usually as their COO or CFO, since that was my training and skillset, I never felt called to full-time ministry. I considered myself “in ministry,” but not in a vocational way. I knew my calling was in the secular business world as a Christian witness, and I have always thought being a Christian witness in the secular business world was and is a very noble calling. How were you introduced to The Signatry? In 2018, I got the call to full-time vocational ministry at The Signatry. It followed a long period of soul-searching, reaching out to friends, and seeking the Lord’s guidance before I had ever heard about The Signatry. This period of seeking the Lord extended through my discernment process. I was not seeking to leave the business world. In terms of analyzing the opportunity at The Signatry, I wondered whether I’d enjoy it and if I would be any good at it. It was entirely different from my daily routine, experience, and skillset, so naturally, I had questions. But then the Lord told me to join The Signatry in the clearest way possible – that is all I needed, and all my analysis stopped. I joined the team three weeks later.

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