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Your Partner for Strategic Generosity

You have tools and guidance for your finances, investments, estate planning, and more. So why are you on your own when it comes to your giving? Generosity is an important part of your legacy—you deserve insights and tools for your charitable dollars to keep you as informed, strategic, and prepared as your other financial decisions.

The Signatry is your resource and advocate in generosity to serve with you and your advisors to make the best charitable decisions to reach your goals. Whether you are interested in maximizing income tax deductions to make a greater impact with your giving, building a legacy, or just being more intentional with your generosity, we are ready to support you with charitable strategies.

Your Tool for Impact

A donor advised fund is your tool for strategic generosity.

  • Maximize Your Resources

    Move beyond cash with the option to contribute complex assets, such as business interests, publicly traded securities, or real estate interests.

  • Save and Grow

    Receive income tax deductions in the year of when you deposit funds. Then, choose custom investment options to maximize your contributions.

  • Build Your Legacy

    Recommend recurring grants to your favorite charities for efficient and effective giving. Then, create a succession plan to ensure generosity continues long after you.

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Involve Your Financial Advisor

Your financial advisor has played a key role in your resources, and that experience should carry over into your generosity. When you use The Signatry’s advisor managed accounts (AMAs), your advisor can be part of managing your donor advised fund’s investments from the first dollar. We work alongside financial advisors to equip them with tools, resources, and support they need to make an impact through strategic generosity.


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