Biblically Responsible Investment Pools: Eternal Investments that Make a Difference

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As a donor, you would never give to a cause you did not believe in. So why would you invest in one? As investors, it is our responsibility to consider what we are supporting and profiting from in the world. Biblically responsible investments (BRIs) with The Signatry seek to glorify Christ by aligning our finances and investments with a biblical worldview. BRI is an approach that prioritizes companies that create value and excludes those that fall short.
We give in alignment with our values. BRIs ensure our investments align with them too.

Why BRIs

Our investment philosophy is bigger than simply avoiding “sin stocks” and being limited to a small investment pool. The BRI approach views investments as opportunities to create positive impact in the world today and for generations to come. This alignment of faith and growth yields eternal returns.

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Every opportunity in our investment pools is screened to ensure your money furthers businesses that make ethical decisions and promote biblical values. From there, you can select pools that support your growth goals and risk tolerance. Whether you are stewarding a large gift over time or saving up to make a bigger impact, you can utilize investment pools that will align with your values.


Doing the right thing pays off. Companies that adhere to high ethical standards tend to create comparable returns to other investment types, which means you do not have to choose between values and performance. To prioritize positive growth for investments, BRIs focus on companies capable of sustaining income and growth. Our focus is supporting businesses that create value, rather than extract it.

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When you look at the big picture, BRIs are important because they allows us to create the culture we want to live in. In the same way that we give to shape our culture, we can invest in it, too. Companies that innovate, create genuine value, and love their neighbors benefit the broader community and generate lasting wealth. By supporting these businesses, we are investing in a better future for ourselves and next generations.

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