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Eternal Investments That Make a Difference

Biblically responsible investing, or BRI, seeks to glorify Christ by aligning our finances and investments with a biblical worldview. BRI is an approach that excludes companies that fall short of biblical values from the investment accounts and prioritizes companies that create value.


This investment philosophy is bigger than just avoiding “sin stocks” and being limited to a small investment pool. The BRI approach operates from the mindset that investments should create positive impact in order to make a difference in the world today and for generations to come. This alignment of faith and growth yields a present and eternal return.

According to a 2014 Oxford University study, BRI performance results are competitive with other mainstream investments.


Our investment pools utilize securities of companies that demonstrate values and business practices that are ethical, sustainable, and provide an attractive investment opportunity. Together, our goal is to invest in businesses that create value rather than extract value.


To yield positive growth for investments, BRI focuses on investing in companies capable of sustaining income and growth. These are companies who serve well the needs of customers, employees, suppliers, communities, the environment, and society at large.


BRI is an important approach, because it is part of creating the culture you want to live in. In the same way you give to shape culture, you should also be able to invest to do this. Companies who innovate, create genuine value, and love their neighbors well, build future success. Through BRI, you can create lasting wealth of opportunity and authentic profits that will impact the broader community.

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