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The world is better when we are generous together.

Here, the Kingdom comes first. Here, you are part of something greater.

When it comes to your Kingdom impact, generosity matters, but how you are generous is just as important. At The Signatry, you are more than just a single account giving to the causes you care about.

Here, you are part of a global community of believers working together to solve the world’s greatest problems and create eternal impact. The Signatry is where people come for inspiration, community, and resources to support Christian ministries and make a greater difference than they ever thought possible. This means more spreading the gospel, more disciple making, and more impact for the Kingdom.

Move Beyond Traditional Giving

  • Start Your Fund

    Join us by creating an online account for all of your charitable activity. Contribute from all of the resources God has blessed you with—cash, business interests, real estate, publicly traded securities, and more.

  • Craft Your Plan

    Our team of experts can work with you to develop the best giving strategies for your resources. Recurring grants, contributions, and other tools can support your preferred giving style and increase your impact.

  • Live Generously

    Support spreading the gospel, making disciples, and solving world problems in unison with a like-minded community of believers.

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Your Tool

It all starts with the donor advised fund. This is your tool to support your favorite causes, unite your family or community, and build a legacy of generosity. Give strategically and efficiently to impact ministries and nonprofits around the world.


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