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What will significant wealth mean for your future?

For your family. For your business. For your impact on the world.

Your business and the wealth you have built represent an investment far beyond money. It takes years of hard work, time, and dedication to the vision. Yet when exit and change approach, many often find themselves unprepared or unaware of the strategies to wisely steward their resources.

What if there was a better way forward to cultivate and invest in what truly matters? Use your business and your generosity as tools for solving the problems you see in the world. You can maximize your giving while minimizing your tax burdens and at the same time build a meaningful legacy for your family for generations to come.

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Whether you are selling your business or looking for a more tax advantaged way to create generosity through your business, we are experienced with the charitable solutions needed. Here is what you need to know.

Selling Your Business

Selling your business is likely the largest liquidity event you will encounter, and it usually means a large tax bill.

  • Donate part of the equity in your business before the sale to a donor advised fund.
  • You receive a tax deduction and even potentially experience significantly reduced capital gains taxes.
  • These tax savings provide the opportunity for increased generosity and a benefit for your family.

Minimize tax liability and maximize generosity.

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Managing Your Business

You do not have to wait until you sell your business to take advantage of the charitable solutions and potential tax savings.

  • Donate a non-voting portion of your closely held business interest to a donor advised fund with The Signatry.
  • You receive an income tax deduction.
  • Support the causes you love from the proceeds and the potentially increased tax savings.
  • The advantage to giving business interests now is if you decide to sell your business later you are already set up to experience the potential capital gains tax saving when the sale occurs.

Generosity now has long-term stewardship benefits.

Learn more about the solutions and stewardship opportunities

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The biggest mistake we see is people wait too long to put these solutions in place, and they miss their opportunity. Take your next steps today, and we will work with you and your advisors to find the best charitable solution for your individual scenario.
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Generosity Calculator

You sell your business. It’s a great exit. You make money. But you will pay the biggest tax bill of your life. There is a better way. Take a look at how the impact of giving before selling could change the balance.

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Disclaimer: This does not constitute nor does The Signatry provide legal, tax, financial or other professional advice. You should consult professional advisors concerning the legal, tax, or financial consequences of your charitable activities. This is not a promise of results.

“The largest check I ever wrote in my life was to the IRS when I sold my business. Years later, I found out that check could have gone to charity.” Read More…

Steve French
President, The Signatry

Steve French

President, The Signatry

The largest check I ever wrote in my life was to the IRS when I sold my business. Years later, I found out that check could have gone to charity.

At the time, I simply didn’t know my options. Even though I had surrounded myself with the best lawyers and financial advisors in the country, none of them counseled me on how a gift to charity would reduce my taxes and make a greater impact on the Kingdom. They hadn’t heard of these concepts either.

Now I work at The Signatry to ensure others don’t make the same mistake I did. Ultimately, the goal goes beyond just tax savings. I want people to go from ownership to stewardship. When you choose the mentality that God owns it all, it changes how you live.


Give More to What Matters

Putting your resources and tax savings to work to make a difference in the world is possible. At The Signatry, we work to empower your generosity with the solutions and strategies we have served our donors with over the last 19 years.

The key tool that makes possible much of what we do at The Signatry is the donor advised fund. Here are a few of the benefits:

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What makes our team at The Signatry unique is that we have walked the same roads as our donors. With a team composed of former business owners, leadership professionals, lawyers, and more, we understand the unique challenges that come with donating assets but also how it impacts our families.

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See It In Action

With nearly 20 years of industry experience, we have seen many incredible stories unfold of donors leaving a legacy. Here are a few examples of the ways people give and how the process works.

3 Questions to Ask Before Selling Your Business


Family Business & Resources Fuel Generosity


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