Discover the Top 3 Questions to Ask Before Selling Your Business

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Integrate Godly Values Into the Sales Process

As a Christian business owner, it takes profound commitment to remain centered on Christ and integrate your faith and values into your work.

But what happens when you decide to sell your business?

Your stewardship does not have to end there. In fact, the business sale process represents a significant opportunity to reinforce values and make a Kingdom impact. Take the initiative and prepare before selling your business. This guide will help you answer three questions:

  1. How do I know I am ready to sell?
  2. How can my business sale have eternal impact?
  3. How can I steward my family in this new season?

Reflecting on the answers to these questions will provide a set of principles that will guide your decision-making during the sale process.

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Steve French and The Signatry

“Soon after we sold the business, I discovered that there were things I could have done to have reduced my tax burden and actually increased our charitable capability. And I thought to myself, why didn’t my advisors tell me about that? Because Debbie and I were about to write the biggest check we had ever written to the Internal Revenue Service.”

Steve French


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