Use your business to make a difference.

What will your legacy be?

Empires, financial statements, and stockpiles all eventually fade. Even the most thorough financial and estate plans cannot fully steward what matters most to our families, or preserve the impact we hope to have.

But what if there was a better way? Your business and vocation are tools for solving problems in the world, and for creating a legacy for your family to walk in the values that matter most.

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The Business Interest Gift Strategy

Giving business interests can create new opportunities for generosity and potential tax savings.

Who It’s For
  • Selling a Business

    You are considering selling your business and want a more tax-advantaged way to create generosity.

  • Giving Business Interest

    You are not ready to sell your business but are interested in reducing income tax liability and increasing generosity.

  • Advising Clients

    You are a financial advisor and want to equip your clients with practical strategies to empower financial and social impact.

How It Works
  • 1

    Speak with your advisors and The Signatry to evaluate potential scenarios based on your financial and generosity goals. Our Generosity Calculator can provide insights.

  • 2

    Work with The Signatry to contribute business interests to a donor advised fund and experience the benefits. By giving interests before the sale, you could potentially reduce capital gains taxes and lower your income tax liability to further your giving.

  • 3

    Begin your generosity journey by recommending grants to the causes you and your family care about most from your donor advised fund. Experience the benefits of simplified generosity.

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See It In Action

Explore resources for real-world examples of how the process works and the different ways that people give.

Case Studies
With nearly 20 years of industry experience, we have seen many incredible stories unfold of donors creating legacies.
Asset Giving
Contribute from the resources God has blessed you with—cash, business interest, real estate, stocks, and more.
Our team includes former business owners, legal and financial experts, and more who are committed to working with you and your advisors to support the causes you care about most.
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Family Business & Resources Fuel Generosity


It’s All God’s Anyway


Business Sale Fact Sheet
Business Interest Fact Sheet
Real Estate Fact Sheet
The largest check I ever wrote in my life was to the IRS when I sold my business. Years later, I found out that check could have gone to charity… READ MORE
Steve French
President, The Signatry

Steve French

President, The Signatry

The largest check I ever wrote in my life was to the IRS when I sold my business. Years later, I found out that check could have gone to charity.

At the time, I simply didn’t know my options. Even though I had surrounded myself with the best lawyers and financial advisors in the country, none of them counseled me on how a gift to charity would reduce my taxes and make a greater impact on the Kingdom. They hadn’t heard of these concepts either.

Now I work at The Signatry to ensure others don’t make the same mistake I did. Ultimately, the goal goes beyond just tax savings. I want people to go from ownership to stewardship. When you choose the mentality that God owns it all, it changes how you live.


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