Cause Champions: Clean Water — Series Trailer

The Signatry is teaming up with families who have championed the clean water initiative, unpacking the passion behind their generosity and sharing with others what it may take to make an impact on the causes they love. In partnership with neverthirst, this first installment of the Cause Champions campaign is a four-part series focused on bringing clean water to all people. Coupled with the eternal hope of the gospel, clean water can be made a permanent resource for every future generation and brought to every corner of the Earth. Watch the full series to discover how these families have rallied around solving the clean water crisis.

Episode 1: When Our Kids See Us Giving: The Cushman Family

Trey and April Cushman were faithfully generous to several causes, and then they got a personalized report back on their clean water impact in Nepal. Their generosity would lead them to champion clean water causes as their children came to understand the mission together with their parents.

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Episode 2: Keep Saying Yes: The Gallardo Family

Tom and Lois Gallardo did not always envision themselves rafting across a river in Nepal to visit a pastor they had never met. But after making a commitment to say yes to God, that is exactly where they found themselves. Neverthirst’s practical, sustainable, local impact has connected with their hearts and expanded their own vision of God’s kingdom.

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Episode 3: Dentistry With a Mission: The Baxter Family

Richard and Tara Baxter knew they wanted to reflect the gospel in and through their business, a family dental practice. Today, even a quick visit to their office will reveal their heart for God’s kingdom. Discover the story behind their choice to support neverthirst’s clean water projects.

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Episode 4: Generosity Begets Generosity: Giving in Community

The Baxter family, the Cushman family, and the Gallardo family all support neverthirst’s work to bring clean water and living water to unreached people around the world. We invited them to come together and discuss their shared passion for the cause.

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