Cause Champions: Anti-Human Trafficking

Part 2: Peter’s Personal Story Leads to Investment in Human Dignity

“This isn’t just a cause I donate to. It’s a cause I identify with. I want to be part of the group that ends modern slavery … with my professional network, my resources, my creativity, and my passion.” 

Peter McGowan’s connection to the cause of human freedom is personal. His turbulent childhood took him from the U.S. to Vietnam and back again. These challenging travels helped him understand the value of supporting overlooked, vulnerable members of society. 

Now working in the media, Peter eagerly uses his storytelling expertise and business relationships to support Atlas Free, an anti-human trafficking nonprofit. He also invites other friends and colleagues to use their own skills to support the cause. 

“Work is the way I bring glory to God. … I don’t just work to make money, I work for the kingdom impact I can have.”

The McGowan family rallies around a freedom hike to raise money for anti-human trafficking

Part 1: Rallying For Freedom: The Hike for Human Dignity

Coryn and Jenn McGowan are propelled to raise awareness for human trafficking by enrolling in the most challenging hike of their lives. Follow along as the McGowans discover how to champion a cause and share their passion for the end of modern slavery through a “freedom hike” in The Enchantments of Washington.

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Peter's Investment in Human Dignity to Support Anti-Human Trafficking

Part 2: Peter’s Personal Story Leads to Investment in Human Dignity

Peter’s turbulent childhood leads him to understand the importance of supporting the overlooked members of society who are vulnerable to trafficking. Peter’s expertise in media and storytelling, along with his worldwide business connections, have become a great aid in championing the cause of human freedom with Atlas Free.

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Looking for the Steps to Start Championing Your Own Cause?

Start your journey with our guide on becoming a cause champion. Explore other causes beyond human dignity that may start a fire in your heart to generously support change in God’s Kingdom.

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Engage and Support The Fight to End Human Trafficking

Learn More about Atlas Free and how to get involved, as well as discover several ways to give. Support the freedom and human dignity by donating through cash, card, or a donor advised fund at The Signatry.

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