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A Year for Interdependence

Steve French

Steve French

January 1, 2021

There is so much to celebrate throughout God’s Kingdom in 2020 and great anticipation for what we can accomplish this upcoming year. I think of two proverbs that can help transition God’s people from a year like 2020 into 2021. The first is “physician, heal thyself,” and the second is to “practice what we preach.” The core DNA of The Signatry is the belief and the centeredness around God’s purpose and mission surrounded by His biblical principles for the family.

Our purpose at The Signatry has been unwavering. We remain engaged with writing the last checks to solve the world’s biggest problems, and we do that by convening passionate people to put pressure on the solutions to those problems. Missionally, we do this through education of radical, biblical generosity. In 2020, we certainly had to shift how we enact our mission. Our team and community have found intentional ways to encourage each other and keep moving forward such as:

    • Shifting events, where possible, online and focusing on formats like webinars and roundtables.
    • Gathering our donor, advisor, and ministry communities early on in the year to encourage and coach (500+ attendees).
    • Initiating our LIFT program to help lift burdens of families in need during COVID-19.
    • Seeing our donors respond to crisis by increasing the number of grants to charities operating in the areas of aid and healthcare by 56%, supporting over 300 unique organizations.

We have convened ourselves at The Signatry to heal thyself before practicing unto others. Our team increased prayerful gatherings virtually, brought in guest speakers to encourage us in our mission, and began sharing weekly developments about the generous heart of our donor community between regions. We have also grown our team to continue to serve at a high level. This includes additions to legal, finance, and content creation. Because of this internal collaboration and fulfilling, we have been able to continue outward offerings like Family Legacy Workshops, CEO Gatherings, and even added Women’s Legacy Workshops.

We are so thankful that we have seen The Signatry donors’ generosity grow over 25% this year and the same occur to grants out to organizations. People have grown in their desire to respond to and participate in the need that this season of COVID-19 has put on us. I would encourage everyone who is a part of our family to take heed of “physician, heal thyself” in the sense of renewing thy spirits to better invest in others.

Leaning into This Year

God’s plan for His family is to see all individual families be interdependent with one another keeping in mind to serve others and to be served. At The Signatry, we see God’s people relish and flourish in this idea of being helped and helping others in a selfless way. As we exit the overarching gloom of a global pandemic throughout this new year, let us join together as God’s hands and feet to be interdependent people who focus on embracing community and not burning out in the unsteady months.

The Signatry sees an opportunity to facilitate change with this same mindset. Our goal for this year is to continue inviting other families who faithfully give to join a community with shared values at The Signatry. We are constantly working to make faithful giving less restrictive and easier than ever in 2021. There is abundant opportunity to serve others in helping them grow a legacy of biblical generosity and for us to share these blessings with causes in need.

We are also entering a change of leadership in the United States. It is uncertain the changes that may occur, but we see opportunity regardless. A change in income or taxes could mean a greater need for generosity. No matter what direction this nation takes, God is the architect taking care of those He needs to fund. He will put passionate people in the hurting places and bless them financially to be stewards to the causes of His Kingdom.

All things that God has blessed us with we have stewardship over, not ownership, and we tune into Him on how to act on these blessings. I pray for our country, our donors and their families, His Kingdom causes, and I trust in God’s provision in 2021.

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