Legacy in the Bible

Legacy in the Bible: Creating Standing Stones

November 29, 2022

From 3 examples of legacy in the Bible, we learn that legacy is built by the standing stones we place throughout our lives.

Business people having casual discussion during meeting in board room.

Ministry and The Marketplace

September 8, 2022

Acts 19 shows us the effectiveness of ministry in the marketplace. Paul maintained roles in both ministry and the marketplace so he could serve as an example.

multigenerational family smiling and walking through the woods

Inheritance Questions: Timing Out Your Inheritance

June 3, 2022

There are many ways to time the distribution of your children's inheritance. Here are some considerations for how to carry out your plan.

grandparents loving their grandson

Inheritance Questions: What to do in Challenging Situations?

April 22, 2022

Distributing inheritance may lead to division and family conflict. Starting a conversation about values and priorities early can address those challenges.

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Looking Up: An Advisor’s Story of Transformative Values

From an early age, Hilgardt Lamprecht discovered the value of placing life over wealth. Now he helps others maximize life to maximize wealth.