Decorative illustration of a fundraiser meeting with major donors.

Major Donor Insight: They Are People, Too

May 15, 2024

Your major donors are looking for relationship, understanding, and connection. You can probably relate to these too, right?

5 Ways to Connect with Gen Z Donors

April 24, 2024

Gen Z donors are motivated to create change. Through subscriptions and other methods, find out how nonprofit fundraisers can connect with young donors.

Helping Nonprofits and their Donors Unlock More Generosity

March 22, 2024

The Signatry partners with and helps nonprofits unlock more generosity by strengthening donor development plans, mastering major donor conversations, and engagingwith donor advised funds.

Four Lessons about Donor Relationships—From a Shoe Company

February 23, 2024

Nike’s talent scout pursued Michael Jordan’s partnership despite uncertainty and competition. His relationship-building strategies apply to fundraising, too.

Friendship and Other Fundraising Goals

January 5, 2024

Four steps to set the right fundraising goals for your nonprofit in 2024. What do you want your organization to be known for?