Advisor offers year end giving strategies to young couple

Advisors’ 2022 Year End Giving Strategies

November 9, 2022

Year-end giving strategies around charitable bunching, stock giving, & QCDs will provide ways your client can both give & increase tax deductions.

Advisor Explore Noncash Charitable Contributions with Clients

Exploring Noncash Charitable Contributions with Clients

September 9, 2022

Noncash charitable contributions are a great giving opportunity for your client. But they require extra planning. Here's what to keep in mind.

Business people having casual discussion during meeting in board room.

Ministry and The Marketplace

September 8, 2022

Acts 19 shows us the effectiveness of ministry in the marketplace. Paul maintained roles in both ministry and the marketplace so he could serve as an example.

financial advisor and client discussing how asset giving can expand their charitable vision

Asset Giving Can Expand a Charitable Vision

April 8, 2022

Financial advisors can help clients expand their charitable vision by guiding them to understand asset donation strategies.

jeff dobyns advising on generosity

Generosity as a Differentiator in Advising

March 18, 2022

How does advising and generosity come together? Jeff Dobyns discusses the generosity movement and how advisors can play a part.