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Thanksgiving From The Front Lines

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James Bacus

November 19, 2021

It has been a year of unconventional ministry work for several of the grant recipient ministries of The Signatry. Changes in local regulations, travel restrictions, and the ebb and flow of lockdowns have been a hindrance to the ability to serve people.

Despite the challenges, God is moving in amazing ways across the globe. Even though smiles may be concealed by masks, we have been hearing many stories of gratitude for the ability to joyfully do the Lord’s work the moment people can be reached. Donor generosity leads to grateful ministries, but it is important to remember the grateful hearts of people being served. That gratitude fuels generosity among the Lord’s people, even in the smallest of ways. Here is an excerpt from a story fitting for the Thanksgiving season from Project Jordan: Books and More, a public library ministry in the heart of the country of Jordan serving the underserved.

In the country of Jordan, full of mixed-income families, refugees, different languages, and opportunities, we are always looking for ways to impact the community around. One is by hosting events for teachers and leaders in under-served areas. At one of these events, a teacher from a very rural area came to attend a training event. She spoke very little English (so her communication with some to the staff was limited), but she had a big smile all day. She was soaking in the training, finding ways to help her students. She, her school, and her students had so few resources. As the event ended, resources were sent home with her for her use and for her school. She was beaming as she left that day. She would go on to attend many other trainings and soon mastered some English words so that she could interact even better.

THANK YOU was her favorite phrase. She was eager to express her thanks. One day she arrived on her own. She was beaming as she came, excited to share ways that she was implementing what she learned in her school and village. She also came bearing gifts. In her purse she had farm fresh eggs… one for each staff member. This simple gift spoke so much. She came with her very best and her gift was far more valuable than she would ever know.

Because of the generosity of donors, they get to receive. As with many, the generosity does not stop there. We see the love of the Lord work further than the act, and that generosity becomes contagious in His people, even in the smallest ways, like through an egg. This teacher’s gratitude fueled her own generous act, and this is the beauty of stopping to be thankful. Keeping a heart of humble gratitude and celebrating what God has put over us is what sparks us to share more.

One thing that remained constant in the last year was our support from donors, both financially and through prayer and petition. This was critical to our success for the moment we could serve our people, and for the time when restrictions loosened. The work of our supporters not only makes our cup overflow, but the hearts of those we serve as well. Thank you for continuing to realize the part you play in the ministries you support.

What you and your family choose to do at year-end in support of ministries creates stories like this. Generosity fuels gratitude that fuels generosity. How will you choose to create impact through your generosity at the end of 2021?

About James Bacus

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Contributing Author James Bacus is the Director of Project Jordan: Books and More, the first public access library opened in the country of Jordan in 2010. Their library of over 35,000 books has served to connect people from 50+ countries and special programs provide tutoring, medical needs, leadership and business training, investment in refugees, and more.

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