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Noncash Giving as an Investment in God’s Work

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March 11, 2024

The Haverkamp Family: Noncash Giving as an Investment in God’s Work

“Can I think about investing in what God is doing … in the same way I think about investing in something I want to do?”

This is the investment strategy the Haverkamp family brought to their family generosity plans. When they learned of a financial need in one of their favorite cause categories—college ministry—they felt God’s call to fund the work.

Brent Haverkamp wanted to be as strategic in this gift as he would in any other investment.

The family planned to use their real estate assets to support the ministry. When Brent calculated the size of gift needed, he determined he would have to sell two of the family’s rental properties to cover the cost of the project and the taxes associated with the sale.

Then he realized there was a more efficient way to meet the ministry’s needs.

Instead of selling two properties to cover the tax burden, the Haverkamps could donate one property—before selling it—to a donor advised fund at The Signatry. Liquidating the property after it was gifted to the fund led to a reduction in capital gains taxes, leaving more funds available in the family DAF to grant to the ministry.

“For anyone who has a highly appreciated asset, giving through an organization like The Signatry is just so tax efficient and can really multiply your giving,” Brent said. “We only had to give one [building] instead of two in order to satisfy the amount we wanted to give.”

Donating a nonliquid asset can be a powerful way to expand your generosity beyond what you thought possible. Savvy stewardship can extend even to the ways you sell your assets—every transaction is an opportunity to invest in God’s work around the world.

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A quill, representing The Signatry

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