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Visit our first blog: Think Like a Cause Champion for an overview on the ‘why’ that shapes the ‘how’ of becoming a cause champion.

Identifying as a champion of a cause involves both your time with God and your relationship with God’s laborers. Below are three main steps to intentional generosity that will establish your legacy as a cause champion.

Identify Needs

First, connect your prayer with your generous heart. There is a parable often told of an owner who hired a builder to come to work for him. The builder was told to show up at the first of the week for his assignment but never came. At the end of the week, the builder came to collect his pay. Baffled, the owner asked why the builder thought he deserved his pay. Come to find out, the worker had built him a new garage at the back of his land. The owner was upset as he had never asked for a new garage.

As God’s laborers, we often think we are doing God’s work without ever listening or asking what is in God’s design. We are consistently doing things for God but not with God.

It is likely that a charity has asked you nicely at a store or sent you a piece of mail kindly requesting you to give. We often say, “this is going to a good cause, I should give.” As givers, it is easy to give reactively. It is not necessarily bad to give reactively, but have you ever given proactively? Have you intentionally thought about the full effect of where you are giving, how that resource is distributed, and how it impacts lives for God? Do you follow through?

Prayerful generosity is eternal-minded generosity. When we see problems that need solving that are affecting God’s children, His image-bearers, it makes sense to ask God and God’s people what they need before giving all that you have to a charity just because they asked. Pray to God for direction, and research what God’s people on the ground are asking for.

Consider How to Get Involved

Connecting with God’s laborers and His children in need offers you an opportunity to learn how to get involved beyond solely giving monetarily through a charity. Are there related advocacy groups serving the same people and problem that the charity is serving? Perhaps you could find a way to provide your skillset and give of your time, or join online communities collaborating to solve the cause.

Many people give overseas and are impacting causes in Africa, South America, and remote villages around the globe through their donations. With technology and enhanced communication, we can learn how to give through our voice and time, or learn how to reallocate our monetary donations to become more effective problem solvers.

Understand the Impact

Lastly, understand the impact of the organizations involved. Becoming a cause champion means reading and reporting impact. Some of this burden is placed on the ministries to report to you the right needs and how they are using your funds. You can search online databases like GuideStar or Charity Navigator to understand the integrity of the organizations involved in supporting your cause.

When you understand the report on impact, you have the opportunity to marry together charities with different expertise, suggest projects to fund, and solve the world’s greatest problems through collaboration with God’s laborers. Use this understanding of impact to help avoid giving to symptoms of an issue and create more effective giving that solves the root cause.


Supporting an organization is a great way to be generous and is the start to a legacy as a champion to a cause. We invite you to become an eternal-minded giver, become involved, and understand the impact. Look to solve the world’s problems, not just the symptoms, and focus on developing your generosity to become a cause champion.

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