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Our Mission and Vision Explained

Our Mission

To inspire and facilitate revolutionary biblical generosity.

Our Values

The Signatry exists to write the last check to the last missionary to be sent out to the last unreached people group so the last person can hear the gospel.

  • 1

    We value FAMILY as a first place of training for the next generation to follow in a set of biblical values.

  • 2

    We value CREATIVITY and INNOVATION to solve the world’s greatest problems.

  • 3

    We value GENEROSITY as a way of life.

  • 4

    We value INTEGRITY and TRANSPARENCY as a code of conduct.

  • 5

    We value COLLABORATION among partners to accomplish a greater goal.

Our Name

We represent more than a foundation, and we aren’t just a space for transactions. We are a movement of families, advisors and ministries—formed through a collection of signatures (charitable gifts). Together, we are committed to equipping ministries (foot soldiers) with the financial means to impact the globe for Christ—thereby allowing us to pursue our role in fulfilling the Great Commission.

Our Invitation

We think of fulltime ministers and missionaries as the dedicated ones, the ones giving their lives to the cause. And the rest of us? We give what we can afford.

But think about it. Is this the attitude God wants for us? A missionary family who moves to the jungle sells their house and car before they go, accepting that they’ll be living in a wooden hut with sparse possessions. They make the sacrifice because they see the vision. “Any price is worth paying for a person’s soul,” they think. “Any cost is worth one more person in heaven.”

Practically speaking, they can’t afford to give up everything, but when they consider the reward, it seems worth the cost.

Now what about us, the ones who stay behind? Do we have that same level of vision, dedication and sacrifice, or is it only for the few in full-time ministry?

God calls all of us to the same level.

This doesn’t mean poverty, but it does mean dedication.

Consider those who signed the Declaration of Independence. They weren’t just soldiers; they were lawyers, farmers, shippers and merchants. People from all walks of life scrawled their signatures under the cause. They all saw the vision and played a role. They banded together to form a new country, knowing it could cost them their lives.

The same is true for God’s cause.

Those on the front lines in Kingdom work—missionaries, charities, churches, teachers, doctors, builders—need support from all of us. They need our dedication and commitment. The calling isn’t just for a few people. God invites everyone.


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