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It’s Time to Take the Land.Jesus called us to make disciples of all nations,
and we’re following that call.

It’s a big goal, but it’s doable.

When you join The Signatry, you unite with a synthesis of Jesus-loving financial and legal professionals so that together, we can use our skills and resources to fund the Great Commission by empowering ministries.

See how we put our mission into action. Read our full mission and vision statement.

  • We will write the
    last check.
  • We will send the
    last missionary.
  • We will reach the
    last people group.

Our values drive everything we do.

We’re focused on this generation—and the ones that come long after. Our goals are defined by partnerships, solutions, and biblical truths. More than values, these principles have become our way of life.


    A first place of training for the next generation to follow in a set of biblical values.


    A way of life.


    Partnerships to accomplish a greater goal.


    Solutions to the world’s greatest problems.


    A code of conduct.

We're not doing it alone.

With our different gifts and our unique callings, we’re working alongside families, advisors, and ministries who are using God’s generosity as a catalyst in fulfilling the Great Commission.

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We are all invited.

While we may not be on the front lines of Kingdom work, we can support those who are—the missionaries, charities, churches, teachers, doctors, builders, and more. They need our support, our dedication, and our commitment to carry out the calling God has invited all of us to join.

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