Did You Know?: 4 Reasons to Use a Donor Advised Fund

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Generosity has been a guiding tradition for generations, and the methods through which people give continue to evolve. From checkbooks to Facebook fundraisers, the ways to give continue to grow. However, as the end of the year approaches, if you have given through a variety of methods, it can be tough to track down all the receipts or statements for these contributions.

The donor advised fund (DAF) provides a central space to streamline all that activity, so let’s unpack more of how this tool can amplify your generosity journey.

A DAF serves as a convening point.

If you research DAFs, you will see a lot of language about how they simplify giving, but at The Signatry, we believe it goes even deeper than this. As you make contributions and grant recommendations, the DAF becomes the central point to have conversations around generosity. You have the moment to engage more deeply as you think about the purpose of the fund and specific grants. You could have multiple people contributing to the fund for a giving circle, and the DAF becomes your point of commonality to discuss generosity vision.

The DAF is your key to unlocking greater vision and impact.

A DAF opens the door to the best charitable strategies for your needs.

Whether for your year-end giving or the various ways you want to support charities through the year, the DAF provides a host of charitable opportunities. You could use it to bunch contributions in order to maximize your tax deductions and provide consistent generosity to the causes you love. It provides a more efficient way to give publicly traded securities. It is a conduit for complex asset gifts. The list could go on and on, and that is the beauty of the DAF to support your specific needs.

A DAF provides the potential to grow to investments for further impact.

The same way you make wise investments for your future savings also applies to the donor advised fund. With investment pool offerings, your charitable dollars can potentially grow to yield even further benefit for the Kingdom. Even better yet, at The Signatry, we provide biblically responsible investments so you can rest assured knowing that your dollars are in line with your values, even before they go out in grants.

A DAF can house funds for surprise needs to answer or random acts of kindness.

When you have a little extra profit in the month or you want to make a special gift, the DAF is the place to hold those contributions. Instead of getting lost in your regular accounts, you contribute those extra dollars to be saved up for your giving to answer when a need arises, or you see the opportunity for an act of kindness. We saw many donors at The Signatry use those extras that had been stored up in order to increase their generosity during this season with COVID-19.

These four areas are just a few of the ways a DAF can bring another layer of intentionality and clarity to your generosity. If you want to explore more of how a DAF can align with your generosity vision, reach out to our team at www.thesignatry.com/contact

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