4 Creative Ways to Use Your Donor Advised Fund

By Bill High 5 years ago. Donor Advised FundsGenerosity

At The Signatry, we believe it’s a new day for generosity. With donor advised funds as a commonly used tool, many are finding new ways to use their fund creatively.

Here are just a few ideas:

  1. Helping the Needy. Did you know that you can make gifts to individuals in need by way of a ministry called Helping Hands?  For example, gifts to help those hit by hard financial times, unforeseen medical bills or catastrophic situations.
  2. Company Benevolence. Increasingly, we’ve seen companies create donor advised funds to which employees may contribute and help fellow employees in need (by way of Helping Hands) or to support ministries in the community.
  3. One Tax Receipt. We increasingly see more donors do all of their giving through their fund. This includes setting up recurring gifts for their church, missions, and other one-time gifts.  The benefit?  At year end, you have one tax receipt instead of searching for several receipts and cancelled checks.
  4. Giving Appreciated Assets. In 2016, gifts of appreciated assets like publicly traded stock were up by nearly 30%. The benefit of gifting appreciated stock is that the government allows individuals to deduct up to 30% of their income using these kinds of assets.  Additionally, you get to deduct the fair market value while avoiding capital gains.

If you need more information on any of these options, please contact Kim Harris at kharris@thesignatry.com.

Bill High
Bill High Bill High is The Signatry Founder & Executive Chairman and national award-winning author & speaker on legacy and philanthropy

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