Challenge the Status Quo of Year End Giving

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Christmas: It’s a wonderful time of year, full of generosity, celebration, and family. People gather together, eager to celebrate the birth of Jesus through—in part—the giving of gifts to one another. Children, especially, wait expectantly for weeks to see what the packages under the tree hold. It’s a beautiful season.

But why should our generosity, celebration, and family spirit be limited to a small section of the year? What if we had those same attitudes throughout the year?

On June 13th, we will be introducing Tidings of Summer & Joy, to help each of us carry the joy of Christmas into the rest of our year and challenge the status quo of year end giving.

Nearly a third of annual giving occurs in December, with 12% happening in the last three days of the year. Many charitable organizations rely on the revenue of these last few weeks to sustain their financial needs for the rest of the year. This puts a lot of stress and strain on both organizations and donors during a time of year that is already busy. Giving during the summer months can help alleviate this stress.

By donating in the summer, when ministries experience their driest time financially, you can share with them that same surprise and delight that children experience at Christmas: the joy of an unexpected blessing!

We want to challenge the mentality of year-end giving. Most people give for tax purposes, but donations made between Thanksgiving and New Years are no more deductible than those given during earlier seasons. Why not practice more unfettered generosity, and do it throughout the year?

You know the organizations you appreciate and support. You have the opportunity to celebrate them and the incredible work they do all year long by donating their ministry! Coming at a time when their donor involvement is at a slump, such a gift could be an extra encouragement.

Giving during the summer isn’t something that you have to do alone either. Just as Christmas brings the whole family together, so can summer giving! We’ll talk more about suggestions for this in a future blog post.

Christmas is when we celebrate the greatest act of generosity in the history of the universe: When Christ came down from glory to be born as a baby for our sakes. But His generosity didn’t stop there: it continued throughout the years of His life and ministry. Let’s reflect His image, which we bear by also giving at every opportunity!

Click here to learn more about the Tidings of Summer & Joy.


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