Use a Donor Advised Fund to Engage Your Family at Year-End

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Nearly a third of annual giving occurs in December, with 12% happening in the last three days of the year. While it is important to support charities year-round, chances are your family is going to practice giving sometime during the final two months of this year.

A donor advised fund (DAF) is an excellent tool that can serve as a home base for your family’s generosity. Having this type of fund online offers great benefits to center your family’s year-end giving decisions. Here are just a few of the reasons to include your whole family in a DAF this year.

A DAF allows everyone to contribute.

By having your whole family on a donor advised fund, you can encourage all family members to make their own contributions and see them show up within the platform. Whether $5 or $5000, make every family member’s act of generosity play a part in one final grant recommendation going out to impact the favorite charity you chose together. 

A DAF sets up your family for generations.

Come together as a family to write a fund name and mission statement and then add it to your online fund profile. This unique option in The Signatry’s platform is there to help you communicate to your family the intentionality that comes with recommending grants to ministries around the globe. At the same time as writing a mission statement together, you can recommend your future generations as successors to the fund. This provides a space to explain the importance of inheriting the fund and mission and carrying it out for years to come.

A DAF allows you to teach creative generosity.

Creativity with a DAF is on display through both contributions and grants. If you have the ability, show your family members how to contribute gifts of stock or business interest. When it is time to recommend grants, The Signatry’s platform has a charity search tool that allows you to compare charities in similar fields and visit the work they are doing. If your family decides to give a percentage of the balance to multiple charities, it is easy to submit new forms in one place, with a preset payment method, rather than giving on multiple different websites.

A DAF provides a track record.

With your historical habits recorded in one place, you can refine your family’s giving decisions around how you have given in the past. It can be difficult to remember how much you gave last year and to where. With a DAF, you can look to see if you want to invest in the same ministries as last year, with the same amount, or spread around your generosity cheer.

Your family DAF does not have to hold a lot in order to teach generosity. The minimum for a one-time grant is $100. Impacting charities with even this amount is a great opportunity to share with younger family members how the least is the greatest. The widow who gave two copper coins in Luke 21 was praised for giving “more than all.” God is honored when we choose to trust Him, and these acts of generosity draw our families closer together around His love.

If you need to open a DAF, visit our Start a Fund page to begin your family’s today.

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