Take part in summer giving with The Signatry.

Tidings of Summer & Joy

Everyone knows about the year-end giving rush, but why wait until December to live generously? We want to bring a little Christmas spirit and joy to the summer months by practicing unexpected generosity.

During this summer Christmas season, we encourage you to celebrate with us in the Tidings of Summer & Joy by utilizing our free Generosity Devotional. This devotional will equip you with:

  • Scripture to encourage you
  • Weekly generosity challenges
  • Prayer and journal opportunities to deepen your walk with Christ

To get started, download your Generosity Devotional.

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Home for the Holidays

Generosity is the training ground for values, so let’s start at home. Enjoy this opportunity to pause and engage your family in conversation about the values and causes that matter. How can your home be a beacon of the Gospel’s hope? Let the fun of this unexpected summer Christmas reveal God’s joy to you and those around you.

Everyday Generosity

Bake your version of summer Christmas cookies and take them to your neighbors, or find another small random act of kindness to bless them.

Acts of Faith

Invite neighbors over for dinner and get to know new people.

Use Your Fund

Include your children in your grant making decisions. You could grant to a charity or ministry of their choice.

Share Your Story

Did you take part in one of our generosity challenges? We would love to hear how it went. Tell us how it felt to give unexpectedly this summer.

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