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Our community of donors, advisors, and nonprofits have experienced the Kingdom impact of the generosity movement. Learn how The Signatry has helped facilitate special moments of transformational generosity and contributed to legacies built to last generations.

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Tometich Family Feature(6:43)

Answering God's Call to Adopt

The Sollazzo Family Story(6:45)

Maximizing a Business Gift

David Green & The Signatry(3:55)

A Generous Life Story

Phillips Family(7:36)

A Generational Story

Ryan Chapman(4:00)

Business Sale Story

Davis Family Foundation(7:51)

A Story of Instilling Family Values

Men of Valor(4:34)

Two Donors Champion the Cause of Prison Ministry

Our CEO: Steve French(3:03)

A Business Leader's Story

Raising a Heart for Overseas Generosity Story
At 14 years old, Isaiah LaCombe learned that $50 could provide clean water for one person for the rest of their life. It was later that year that he chose to fundraise for others, beginning a journey.
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Intentional Missionary Support Case Study
Kate Gardner's inheritance has always been more about what she can give than what she has been given. After all, the source of her early inheritance came from a model of investing outwardly.
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Real Estate Gift Case Study
With 5 years of service as a United States Airforce pilot, and 25 years as an airline pilot, Frank Brown has had roots in Kansas City for 55 years. Mr. Brown and a partner founded Via Bancourier, Inc. in 1978.
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Business Sale Case Study
From the beginning of his career, Rogers Strickland aligned his business goals with his faith. After leaving the United States Air Force in 1980, Rogers founded Strickland Construction Company, Inc. in Raytown, Missouri.
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Business Interest Case Study
An anonymous donor we will call “Andrew” founded his business 25 years ago and grew it into one of the largest in its industry. Andrew’s journey has been marked by faithful stewardship and increased generosity.
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Family Generosity Case Study
In 1994, Brian and Marla Hill left their jobs to start an on-hold message business using a system that Brian had developed to generate leads in his previous occupation. Brian was excited about the business opportunity,
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Giving Circle Case Study
After bearing the weight of taking on the family finances, Susan Patton returned home from a women's conference and met with a close friend to discuss the idea of forming a giving circle in their city. They recruited two more friends, and God led them to flourish with more and more women to create an impactful giving circle.
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Family Business Generosity Case Study
If you ask any employer what their most important asset is, most are going to say their employees. But few intentionally invest in helping their employees become all that God created them to be.
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Business Gift Supports Christian Education Story
What would you do if you could give more without ever touching your bank account? Fran McGowen did just that by adopting a charitable strategy that allowed him to use his car dealership to give 40% more to ministry.
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Building a Legacy of Generosity Case Study
Mike and Cindy Stein’s journey in generosity is marked by perseverance, commitment, and most notably an intention to multiply. Learn how The Steins imparted their generosity values onto their two daughters
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Transformation Together: Women Empowering Biblical Generosity
The idea for Kingdom Investment Foundation (KIF) began when Becky Nissen read a book on biblical generosity five times during an international flight. 'It was so convicting.'
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Jeff Dobyns: Generosity as a Differentiator(4:37)

An Advising Story

Inspiring Generosity in Business
Mariner Wealth Advisors is not your average financial services company. In an industry fixated on the numbers, Mariner Wealth Advisors focuses on impact.
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Advisors and DAFs for Generosity
At Sound Stewardship, a faith-based financial planning firm guided by biblical principles, partners and wealth advisors Matt Syverson and Jonathan Harrison share a passion for serving others and making a meaningful impact on their clients' lives.
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Teaching Selfless Wealth
As a ten-year-old missionary kid in Kenya, Rachel McDonough watched children her same age crawl over garbage piles scrounging for food.
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Investing in Generations: Life is a Vapor
God gave both Micah and Audrey a heart to help people in physical and spiritual need. Now, they see the impact of one child being able to go to school, receiving education, and their eyes are opened to purpose.
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Major Donor Business Sale Case Study
From the beginning of his career, Rogers Strickland aligned his business goals with his faith. After leaving the United States Air Force in 1980, Rogers founded Strickland Construction Company, Inc. in Raytown, Missouri.
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Ministry Complex Asset Gift Case Study
Four years ago, Rick Baltzersen was on a trip to Southeast Asia but not to see the beaches or experience the food. Rick was traveling to Cambodia and Thailand to visit rescue homes for victims of human trafficking.
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Ministry Fund Case Study
Rickey Strickland has traveled the world for Christ. He has slept on tarps, lived in hostile cultures, and walked countless miles through some of the remotest places on Earth.
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Ghana Ministry Case Study
Danny and Sue Jaynes, an insurance agent and a medical assistant, started their missionary journey by helping build an orphanage in Mexico in the mid 80s.
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