Sollazzo Family: Transforming Generosity Through a Business Gift

By The Signatry 1 month ago.

Sollazzo Family: Gifting Business Interest to Maximize Generosity

God changed Michael and Susana Sollazzo’s definition of financial success a decade ago. The Sollazzos were once chasing a multiplication of money for their own family, but that changed after God began to teach them the joy of biblical generosity. The Sollazzos utilized a creative way to multiply their charitable giving potential through appreciated assets, and started impacting the lives of others.

Michael and Susana’s gift of business interest would realize a 2.5x multiplication by gifting a portion of the business to a donor advised fund, rather than writing a check after the sale of the business.

Watch the full story of how God changed the Sollazzo’s hearts regarding financial peace and multiplied their giving opportunity by clicking the button below.

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The Signatry
The Signatry

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