God has always thought
outside of the box. We do, too.

Traditional giving philosophies tell us that writing a check is always the best way. But using out-of-the-box approaches like complex assets can help you pay fewer taxes, improve your cash flow, and impact your favorite charities with a generosity that goes far beyond the measure of any dollar.

Make a difference with complex assets.

Stocks and mutual funds

When you donate stocks and mutual funds to The Signatry, we’ll liquidate the assets for you and then deposit the proceeds into your donor advised fund. While this means you’ll pay less tax and improve your cash flow, the bigger payoff is knowing that your favorite charities will feel the impact of God’s overflowing goodness.

Learn how to use stocks and mutual funds to grow your donor advised fund.

Real Estate

For many of us, the bulk of our wealth is connected to complex assets—like real estate. Whether you own farmland or residential and commercial real estate, you can leverage those assets today to impact the Kingdom long after the final transaction takes place.

Learn how to use real estate to support charities.

Business Interests

As a business owner, you’re focused on efficiency, taxes and cash flow.  But you also care about increasing your generosity and passing on your legacy. Our solutions and tools provide the wise counsel you need so you can minimize tax liability and maximize eternal impact.

Learn how to use your business to impact the Kingdom.

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