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Three Year-End Communication Tips

2 weeks ago By Kristin Hammett

The cool nip of fall is in the air, the crunch of leaves is underfoot, and the first snow may have already blanketed the ground. These signs, along with our calendars, tell us that the year is drawing to a close. But for those in nonprofit development, the next 60 days make up the busiest (and most important) time of year! Giving Tuesday is just a month away, with the year-end giving season following on its heels. Hopefully, you’ve already been planning and gearing up for your ministry’s campaign. But if you need a few more tips to help motivate…

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Maximizing the Middle

2 months ago By Kristin Hammett

Are you a middle child? Do you have a middle child? Middle children commonly share they don’t get enough attention, or they don’t “fit” in the family. I have three kids of my own. My husband and I often say our oldest demands attention, our youngest requires attention, but our middle child needs attention. I think the same can be true with donors. Major donors warrant a considerable amount of attention and relational investment. General donors require regular mass communication. But middle donors? They need (and deserve) attention from ministries as well. And they may be the most under-served donor…

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How to Prepare for Year-End Giving

3 months ago By Kristin Hammett

Summer is drawing to a close. With fall around the corner, the prospect of cooler temperatures, autumn colors, and pumpkin spice everything, the year-end giving season is also upon us. The 2019 Year-End Giving will be interesting to watch. The 2018 Giving USA report indicated a slight growth in giving of 0.7 percent, but individual giving was down 1.1 percent. According to The Chronicle of Philanthropy, 26 percent of nonprofits said the changes to the 2017 tax law did not affect their fundraising.  Just 17 percent said they saw a negative effect. This leaves some question marks on the philanthropic…

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