Connecting with Major Donors as Partners

Major donors are a key component to accomplishing your mission. In 2023, amidst record inflation and an uncertain economy, major donors will remain central to your ability to fuel the work. Nonprofit development work isn’t about dollars, it is about relationships. It is about inviting people to join God at work in what he’s doing in your ministry or nonprofit.

This video covers 4 insights to keep in mind as you work with major donors from Kristin Hammett, Director of Nonprofit Success.

Read the latest blog from Kristin Hammett on improving your donor conversations— and solidifying your relationships with major donors.

You Don’t Need to Recruit Major Donors


Asking Without Fear

Watch our video training on making the ask with guest Michael Mitchell of Christian Alliance for Orphans. Discover how to create major donor partners through conveying the need and reinforcing the ask.

Asking Without Fear

Major Donor Partners - Asking Without Fear

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