Giving Donors Context

Kristin Hammett unpacks one major idea that many nonprofits do not include in the process of making an ask. Learn about giving donors context for your work. Start big, work toward small. Incorporate the cause, then funnel down to the landscape of your organization, and then help them understand the people involved.

Want to dive deeper on what it takes to help donors understand your work? Do you want to prepare your development conversations for properly giving donors context? Read the latest blog from Kristin Hammett on becoming a subject matter expert for your donors.

Subject Matter Expertise Blog


Deepening Your Donor Relationships Through Story

Watch our video training on identifying “The Hero’s Journey” for your organization with special guest Christian LeFer of Instant Nonprofit. How did your organization overcome a trial in the cause area it serves, and where is it headed next?

The Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey Video Training Worksheet

the hero's journey

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