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By Bill High 4 years ago. Family LegacyLegacy

Today, it’s known as Westport. It’s a place known for attracting a younger set complete with niche restaurants, bars and live music.

But the current day aura cannot wipe out the legacy of John Calvin McCoy.

He was the son of a Baptist missionary.  His father, Isaac McCoy, helped established several missions to the Indians.  His goal was to bring the good news to the frontier. Like Isaac, John was a similar pioneering spirit.

In 1833, John built a log cabin at what is now known as the corner of Westport Road and Pennsylvania.  His cabin served as trading post and residence.  By 1834, he platted the town of Westport.  Westport would become a trading hub for the California, Oregon and Santa Fe Trails.

Today, John Calvin McCoy is known as the father of Kansas City, and his legacy remains in tact no matter the current day scenario.

I think the challenge we often face with legacy is that its impact is built over years, even generations. That’s a good thing, but we often live for instant gratification. We want to see the results now. But McCoy’s story is the reminder we need to live faithfully in our calling in order to the set the trajectory for what is to come.

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Bill High
Bill High Bill High is The Signatry Founder & Executive Chairman and national award-winning author & speaker on legacy and philanthropy

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