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God’s heart is for generations.

We live in a world that focuses on passing on material provision, but passing on values and spiritual foundations is just as vital. They are all part of the legacy you will leave for future generations.

Imagine how the world might be different seven generations from now if your family continued to walk in God-honoring values.

We believe generosity is a foundation for enduring legacy. It drives us to work together, dream together, and pursue God together.


As CEO and Founder of Hobby Lobby, we’ve worked closely with Bill High and The Signatry for our family’s giving. They’ve been a valuable asset to us! We encourage others to use them.
David Green
CEO, Hobby Lobby

Generosity Is the Training Ground for Values

It begins with your family.

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Start the Conversation

We’re here to help you build a legacy that lasts. Below are a few resources we’ve curated, and we hope they can inspire you throughout your own generosity journey.

The Signatry BlogConversations from our thought leaders

Writing Last Checks: Broken and Obedient Hearts

2 weeks ago By Jessica Winter

“I feel more than a sadness. Honestly, I am even angry. But what can we even do?” My husband and I have been having a lot of discussion lately about what generosity looks like for our marriage. And the more we have dug in, the more God seems to break our hearts. Our vision statement is still in the works, but it sounds something like being invisible champions for the unseen, the forgotten. The tension we feel between big vision but also the great sorrow puts us in an uncomfortable position. We know the truth—our generosity is not the type…

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5 Impactful Practices to Include in Your Generosity Journey.

3 weeks ago By The Signatry

Tidings of Summer & Joy is in full swing, and the countdown to Christmas is on! An exciting part of Christmas each year is finding the perfect gift for the people we love and care about most. What if we put the same amount of energy and thoughtfulness into our generosity and charitable giving?  How can our gifts have the most impact and meaning? Here are five practices to help along in your generosity journey: Stretch your giving. Trust God. We are not called to give only when it is comfortable—after all, that’s not what Jesus did for us! As Paul…

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The Signatry Celebrates Nineteen Years

1 month ago By Bill High

Can you believe it’s 19 years? Nineteen years ago, I resigned from the law firm to be part of starting what was then called the Servant Foundation.  On June 1, 2000, my first day on the job consisted of going downstairs to my basement office, clicking on my desktop computer and preparing articles of incorporation, bylaws and an application for tax-exempt status.  While it wasn’t glamorous, it was a start. Not too long after, I found myself out on the streets, talking to as many people as I could about this movement of generosity.  Just a few years later, my…

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