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Every dollar that arrives
at The Signatry has a purpose.

You don’t have to wait until you make a grant to a charity to know your money is making a difference. All of The Signatry’s investment pools are filtered through a biblically responsible investment philosophy. Our team of investors screens every opportunity in our pools to make sure your money furthers businesses that promote family values and make ethical decisions.

When it comes to growing your donor advised fund,
there is no one-size-fits-all approach.

Through our wide range of investment pools, you can choose which pool is right for you, based on what level of risk and growth metrics you desire. Regardless of how you choose to invest, we’re always here to help you and your family make the best decision. As your giving goals grow and change, so can your investments. You may re-allocate your investment pools easily when you log into your donor advised fund or by contacting our team.

Investment options with mission-driven ROI

*Management fees are withheld from the investment pools. All performance is reported on a net return basis.
Money Market

The Money Market pool is allocated to various cash and money market investments characterized by their short maturities and minimal credit risk. The Money Market investment pool generally has the lowest level of risk.

100% – Money Market

Capital Preservation Model

The Capital Preservation Model pool pursues income with modest capital appreciation by allocating assets mostly to short-term investment-grade fixed income, and slight allocation of assets to opportunities for higher growth.  This pool seeks to provide current income with low levels of return volatility and is generally recommended for holding periods of less than two years.

95% Fixed Income

5% Equity

Conservative Income

The Conservative Income pool pursues slightly higher capital appreciation through a 25 percent allocation of equity, with the remaining assets allocated in fixed income. This pool has low to moderate risk and is generally recommended for holding periods of one to three years.

25% – Equity

75% Fixed Income

Income & Growth Model

The Income & Growth Model pool pursues a balance between income and capital appreciation by having equal percentages of assets allocated to both fixed income and equity. This pool’s risk level is moderate to moderately aggressive, and it seeks current income while maintaining the potential for long term capital appreciation.  Balancing exposure to global stocks and bonds helps to moderate return volatility. It is generally recommended for holding periods of two to five years.

50% – Equity

50% – Fixed income

Growth Model

The Growth Model pool has a high allocation of assets to growth opportunities, with 70 percent of assets invested in equity, and a moderate allocation to fixed income. This pool’s risk level is moderately aggressive to aggressive, and it seeks long term growth through a global allocation to stocks and bonds. It is generally recommended for holding periods of over five years.

70% – Equity

30% – Fixed income

Aggressive Growth Model

The Aggressive Growth Model pool has the highest risk/return asset allocation mix out of all the pools, with a 95 percent allocation to equity. This pool is not as diversified across asset classes and focuses allocation of assets almost entirely in equities. It seeks maximum expected return through larger allocations to smaller capitalization growth stocks with very high levels of expected return volatility. This pool’s risk level is aggressive, and it is generally recommended for holding periods of over ten years.

95% Equity

5% Fixed Income/Cash

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